A manufacturer party for this production process.

A manufacturer party for this specified material.

A manufacturer party for this trade product.

A manufacturer party related to this facility production unit.

A manufacturer party, at line level, for this trade agreement.

The manufacturer party for this OEM equipment.

The manufacturer party for this logistics means of transport.

The manufacturer party for this monitoring sensor.

The manufacturer party of this monitoring IOT device.

The manufacturer party specified for this piece of logistics transport equipment.

The party which manufactured this supply chain consignment item.

Range includes:



URI Comment
unece:ConsignmentItem A reference to an item ...
unece:Equipment Hardware or software typically marketed by a company other than the original manufacturer.
unece:IOTDevice An IOT (Internet of Things) piece of mechanical or electronic equipment which can collect, report and autonomously transmit digital data.
unece:LineTradeAgreement The contractual terms of a line trade agreement.
unece:LogisticsTransportEquipment A piece of equipment used ...
unece:LogisticsTransportMeans The devices used to convey goods or other objects from place to place during logistics cargo movements.
unece:ProductionProcess A naturally occurring or designed sequence of operations or events in order to produce something.
unece:ProductionUnit A defined set of production processes under the single management of a facility.
unece:Sensor An object which can detect and measure physical properties and which can record, indicate and transmit such measurements.
unece:SpecifiedMaterial A substance from which something is or could be made.
unece:TradeProduct Any tangible output or service produced by human or mechanical effort or by a natural process for trade purposes.