A postal address for this legally set up organization.

A postal address for this location party.

Postal address information for this trade contact.

The postal address for this trade party.

The postal address of this laboratory observation party.

The postal trade address for this referenced location.

The postal trade address information for this logistics related location.

Range includes:



URI Comment
unece:LaboratoryObservationParty An individual, group, or body having a role in laboratory observations.
unece:LegalOrganization An organization set up on a legal basis as a business, government body, department, charity, or financial institution.
unece:Location A reference to a physical location or place.
unece:LocationParty An individual, a group, or a body having a role related to a location.
unece:LogisticsLocation A logistics related physical location or place.
unece:TradeContact A person or a department that acts as a point of contact with another person or department in a trading relationship.
unece:TradeParty An individual, a group, or a body having a role in a trade business function.