A period applicable to this cross-border regulatory procedure.

A period applicable to this production process.

A period applicable to this supply chain trade transaction.

A specified period applicable to this product batch.

A specified period applicable to this trade product.

An applicable period for this specified experience item.

The period applicable for this supply chain supply plan.

Range includes:



URI Comment
unece:ExperienceItem A collection of information specific to the involvement of a person or persons in a happening, such as a theme park, a guided tour being used or reported on for trade purposes.
unece:ProductBatch A group of products considered or dealt with together.
unece:ProductionProcess A naturally occurring or designed sequence of operations or events in order to produce something.
unece:RegulatoryProcedure A set of formal steps to satisfy a cross-border regulation, law or convention.
unece:SupplyChainTradeTransaction A group of supply chain trade line items, trade agreement, trade delivery and trade settlement details.
unece:SupplyPlan Specification of the delivery quantities and date/time values in a supply schedule.
unece:TradeProduct Any tangible output or service produced by human or mechanical effort or by a natural process for trade purposes.