A correction or modification to reflect actual financial conditions.

Object Properties

URI Type Comment
unece:accountingDebitCreditStatusDire... unece:AccountingDebitCreditStatusCode... The code specifying whether the financial adjustment must be subtracted or added.
unece:actualAmount unece:AmountType An actual monetary value added or subtracted as a result of this financial adjustment.
unece:actualDateTime xsd:string The actual date, time, date time, or other date time value of this financial adjustment.
unece:actualQuantity unece:QuantityType The actual quantity added or subtracted as a result of this financial adjustment.
unece:claimRelatedParty unece:TradeParty The claim related party for this financial adjustment.
unece:financialAdjustmentReasonCode unece:FinancialAdjustmentReasonCodeList A code specifying a reason for this financial adjustment.
unece:invoiceReferenceDocument unece:Document The invoice document referenced for this financial adjustment.
unece:reason xsd:string A reason, expressed as text, for this financial adjustment.
unece:relatedTax unece:TradeTax A trade tax related to this financial adjustment.

Referenced by

URI Comment
unece:grandTotalSpecifiedAdjustment The financial adjustment of the grand total specified for this trade settlement header monetary summation.
unece:specifiedFinancialAdjustment A financial adjustment specified for ...