A unique country identifier for this location party.

A unique identifier for this trade country.

An identifier of the country in which this legal registration is valid.

The identifier of the country for this government registration.

The unique identifier of a country for this financial institution address (Reference ISO 3166 and UN/ECE Rec 3).

Range includes:



URI Comment
unece:Country The area of land that belongs to a nation together with its properties, such as population, political organization, etc., used or referenced for trade purposes.
unece:FinancialInstitutionAddress The location at which a financial institution may be found or reached.
unece:GovernmentRegistration The recording of items or details for a governmental purpose.
unece:LegalRegistration The recording of items or details for a specific legal purpose.
unece:LocationParty An individual, a group, or a body having a role related to a location.