The area of land that belongs to a nation together with its properties such as population, political organization, etc.

Object Properties

URI Type Comment
unece:subordinateCountrySubDivision unece:CountrySubDivision A trade country sub-division that is subordinate to this trade country, such as a state, a county, a canton, a province.

Data Properties

URI Type Comment
unece:identifier xsd:token A unique identifier for this trade country.
unece:name xsd:string A name, expressed as text, of this trade country.

Referenced by

URI Comment
unece:crewNationalityCountry Crew nationality details for this logistics transport movement.
unece:destinationCountry The destination country for this ...
unece:exportCountry The export country for this ...
unece:finalAssemblyCountry A final assembly country for this trade product.
unece:finalDestinationCountry The country of final destination, ...
unece:importCountry The import country for this supply chain consignment.
unece:importationCountry The importation country for this supply chain consignment item.
unece:includedCountry A country included in this trade geopolitical region.
unece:manufactureCountry The country of manufacture of this trade product.
unece:nationalityCountry A country that constitutes a nationality by origin, birth, or naturalization for this transport person.
unece:operationCountry The trade country where the operation of this product handling process occurs.
unece:operatorNationalityCountry The country of nationality of the operator of this logistics means of transport.
unece:originCountry A country of origin for ...
unece:passengerNationalityCountry Passenger nationality details for this logistics transport movement.
unece:reExportCountry A re-export country for this supply chain consignment.
unece:registrationCountry The country of registration of this logistics means of transport.
unece:serviceSupplyCountry The country or country sub-division where a service was supplied for this trade tax.
unece:suppliedFromCountry A country of supply for this trade product.
unece:targetMarketCountry A target market country for ...
unece:transitCountry A transit country for this ...