A sum of money for which something is or may be bought or sold for trade purposes.

Object Properties

URI Type Comment
unece:appliedAllowanceCharge unece:AllowanceCharge An allowance or charge applied to the trade price.
unece:associatedDocument unece:Document An associated document referenced for this trade price.
unece:deliveryLocation unece:TradeLocation A delivery location for this trade price.
unece:includedTax unece:TradeTax A tax included in this trade price.
unece:tradeComparisonPrice unece:ReferencePrice A price that provides a trade comparison with this trade price.
unece:validityPeriod unece:Period A specified period for which this trade price is valid.

Data Properties

URI Type Comment
unece:basisQuantity xsd:decimal The quantity on which the trade price is based.
unece:changeReason xsd:string A reason, expressed as text, for a change of this trade price.
unece:chargeAmount xsd:decimal A monetary value of the trade price charge.
unece:maximumQuantity xsd:decimal The maximum quantity in a range for which the trade price applies.
unece:minimumQuantity xsd:decimal The minimum quantity in a range for which this trade price applies.
unece:orderUnitConversionFactorNumeric xsd:decimal The value used as the factor to convert the order unit into the price unit for this trade price.
unece:priceType xsd:string A type, expressed as text, for this trade price.
unece:priceTypeCode unece:UNCL5375Code The code specifying the type of trade price.
unece:unitAmount xsd:decimal A monetary value of the unit of this trade price.

Referenced by

URI Comment
unece:grossPriceProductPrice A gross product price in ...
unece:netPriceProductPrice A net product price in ...
unece:orderPriceProductPrice An order price for a product in this line trade agreement.