A service associated with a transport movement.

A referenced service associated with a specified event during transport movement.

Object Properties

URI Type Comment
unece:actualPerformancePeriod unece:SpecifiedPeriod An actual period of performance for this referenced transport service.
unece:chargeAmount unece:AmountType The monetary value of the charge for this transport service.
unece:contractId xsd:string The contract identifier of this referenced transport service.
unece:deliverySpecifiedLocation unece:LogisticsLocation A logistics location specified for a delivery by this referenced transport service.
unece:description xsd:string The textual description of this transport service.
unece:effectiveSpecifiedPeriod unece:SpecifiedPeriod The specified period during which this transport service is effective.
unece:estimatedPerformancePeriod unece:SpecifiedPeriod An estimated period of performance for this referenced transport service.
unece:identifier xsd:string An identifier of this referenced transport service.
unece:information xsd:string Information, expressed as text, for this referenced transport service.
unece:itemQuantity unece:QuantityType A quantity of items for this referenced transport service.
unece:name xsd:string The name, expressed as text, of this transport service.
unece:plannedPerformancePeriod unece:SpecifiedPeriod A planned period of performance for this referenced transport service.
unece:preplannedIndicator xsd:boolean The indication of whether or not this referenced transport service has been planned in advance of its execution.
unece:reasonCode xsd:string A code specifying a reason for this transport service.
unece:relatedSpecifiedLocation unece:LogisticsLocation A related logistics location specified for this referenced transport service.
unece:requestedPerformancePeriod unece:SpecifiedPeriod A requested period of performance for this referenced transport service.
unece:requesterParty unece:TradeParty A trade party requesting this referenced transport service.
unece:responsibleParty unece:TradeParty A trade party responsible for this transport service.
unece:specifiedRoute unece:TransportRoute A transport route specified for this transport service.
unece:transportContractMovementContra... unece:TransportContractMovementCodeList A code specifying a contract movement type of this transport service.
unece:transportServiceCategoryTypeCode xsd:string A code specifying the category type of this referenced transport service.
unece:transportServiceConditionTypeCode unece:TransportServiceConditionCodeList A code specifying a type of condition for this transport service, such as a contract or carriage condition.
unece:transportServicePaymentArrangem... unece:TransportServicePaymentArrangem... The code specifying the payment arrangement for this transport service.
unece:transportServicePriorityCode unece:TransportServicePriorityCodeList The code specifying the priority of this transport service.
unece:transportServiceRequirementCode unece:TransportServiceRequirementCode... A code specifying a service requirement for this transport service.
unece:uRICommunication unece:Communication The Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) communication for this transport service, such as its website or email address.

Referenced by

URI Comment
unece:excessTransportService An excess transport service for this logistics transport movement.
unece:providedService A transport service provided by ...
unece:requestedRelatedService A requested service related to this transport event.
unece:requiredService A transport service required for this logistics means of transport.
unece:transportService A transport service for this supply chain consignment.