The information relevant to a condition or a position related to logistics.

Object Properties

URI Type Comment
unece:arrivalReportedEvent unece:TransportEvent A transport arrival event reported for this logistics status.
unece:departureReportedEvent unece:TransportEvent A transport departure event reported for this logistics status.
unece:description xsd:string The textual description of this logistics status.
unece:loadingReportedEvent unece:TransportEvent A transport loading event reported for this logistics status.
unece:logisticsStatusConditionCode unece:LogisticsStatusCodeList The code specifying this logistics status condition [UNECE Recommendation 24].
unece:logisticsStatusReasonCode unece:LogisticsStatusCodeList A code specifying a reason for this logistics status [UNECE Recommendation 24].
unece:reason xsd:string A reason, expressed as text, for this logistics status.
unece:referenceDateTime xsd:string The reference date, time, date time or other date time value for this logistics status.
unece:reportedSupplyChainEvent unece:SupplyChainEvent A supply chain event reported for this logistics status.
unece:sequenceNumeric xsd:string The sequence number of this logistics status, such as within a status report.
unece:specifiedLogisticsLocation unece:LogisticsLocation A location specified for this logistics status.
unece:unloadingReportedEvent unece:TransportEvent A transport unloading event reported for this logistics status.
unece:validityPeriod unece:SpecifiedPeriod A specific validity period for this logistics status.

Referenced by

URI Comment
unece:reportedLogisticsStatus A logistics status reported for ...
unece:specifiedLogisticsStatus A status specified for this ...