A character string used to represent the type of a lifetime end cost.


unece:LifetimeEndCostCodeList#1Cost of restoration of site1
unece:LifetimeEndCostCodeList#10Cost of the reduction of the sound broadcasts10
unece:LifetimeEndCostCodeList#11Cost of the protection of the biodiversity and the landscape11
unece:LifetimeEndCostCodeList#2Cost of dismantling of site2
unece:LifetimeEndCostCodeList#3Cost of discontinuation of fixed asset3
unece:LifetimeEndCostCodeList#4Cost of stake in the rubbish of fixed asset4
unece:LifetimeEndCostCodeList#5Cost of compensation in third parties5
unece:LifetimeEndCostCodeList#6Previsional cost of the damage caused to the environment6
unece:LifetimeEndCostCodeList#7Cost of elimination of the waste and the efforts undertaken to limit its quantity7
unece:LifetimeEndCostCodeList#8Cost of wrestling against the soil pollution, waters of surface and some subterranean waters8
unece:LifetimeEndCostCodeList#9Cost of conservation of the air quality and the climate9