A collection of data for electronic matter that provides XHE (Exchange Header Envelope) information or evidence.

Object Properties

URI Type Comment
unece:creationDateTime xsd:string The date, time, date time or other date time value of the creation of this XHE document.
unece:identifier xsd:string The identifier for this XHE document.
unece:recipientXHEParty unece:XHEParty A recipient party for this XHE document.
unece:scopeContext unece:XHEContext A context scope for this XHE document.
unece:senderXHEParty unece:XHEParty The sender party for this XHE document.
unece:testIndicator xsd:boolean The indication of whether or not this XHE document is a test .
unece:uUIDId xsd:string The UUID (Universally Unique IDentifier) of this XHE document.

Referenced by

URI Comment
unece:metadataDocument The document metadata for this XHE envelope.