The numeric value determined by weight measuring.

Object Properties

URI Type Comment
unece:WeightUnitMeasureTypeCode unece:WeightUnitMeasureCode The unit code.

Data Properties

URI Type Comment
unece:WeightUnitMeasureTypeValue xsd:decimal The numeric value.

Referenced by

URI Comment
unece:explosiveCargoNetWeightMeasure The measure of the explosive cargo weight applicable to these transported dangerous goods.
unece:grossWeightSpecifiedMeasure The gross weight measure specified in this exchanged declaration.
unece:maximumStackabilityWeightApplic... The maximum stackability weight applicable to these handling instructions.
unece:weightUnitCargoGrossWeightMeasure The measure of the total gross weight (mass) of all cargo loaded onto this logistics means of transport, including packaging but excluding any associated transport equipment.
unece:weightUnitChargeableWeightMeasure A measure of a chargeable ...
unece:weightUnitDeadweightTonnageMeasure The deadweight tonnage measure for this logistics transport means.
unece:weightUnitGrossWeightMeasure A measure of the gross ...
unece:weightUnitNetWeightMeasure A measure of the net ...
unece:weightUnitTareWeightMeasure The measure of the tare ...
unece:weightUnitTheoreticalWeightMeasure The measure, at line level, of the theoretical weight of this trade delivery.
unece:weightUnitWeightMeasure A weight for which this calculated emission is measured.