An individual, group, or body related to a Track and Trace (TT) process.

Object Properties

URI Type Comment
unece:identifier xsd:string An identifier for this TT party.
unece:name xsd:string The name, expressed as text, for this TT party.
unece:partyTypeCode unece:PartyTypeCodeList A code specifying the type of TT party.
unece:residenceCountryId xsd:string The identifier for the country of residence for this TT party, such as the country in which a person lives or in which a corporation has its place of incorporation.
unece:tTPartyRoleCode xsd:string A code specifying the role of this TT party.
unece:typeId xsd:string An identifier of the type for this TT party.

Referenced by

URI Comment
unece:destinationRelatedParty A destination related party for ...
unece:holderResponsibleParty The holder responsible party for this TT animal.
unece:receiverSpecifiedParty The receiving party specified for this TT exchanged document.
unece:senderSpecifiedParty The sending party specified for this TT exchanged document.
unece:sourceRelatedParty A source related party for ...