An individual, a group, or a body having a role as a requestor.

Object Properties

URI Type Comment
unece:accessRightsTypeAccessRightsCode unece:AccessRightsTypeCodeList The code specifying the access rights, such as unlimited, restricted, prohibited, for this requesting party.
unece:bEIId xsd:string The unique Business Entity Identifier (BEI) as defined by ISO 9362 (Banking telecommunication messages, Bank Identifier Codes) for this requesting party.
unece:description xsd:string The textual description of this requesting party.
unece:identifier xsd:string The unique identifier for this requesting party.
unece:languageCode xsd:string A code specifying a language for this requesting party.
unece:lineOfCreditSpecifiedFinancialA... unece:FinancingFinancialAccount The financing financial account, used for managing the line of credit, specified for this requesting party.
unece:name xsd:string The name, expressed as text, for this requesting party.
unece:partyTypeCode unece:PartyTypeCodeList The code specifying the type of requesting party.
unece:specifiedCreditorFinancialAccount unece:CreditorFinancialAccount The creditor financial account, used for crediting, specified for this requesting party.
unece:specifiedProprietaryIdentity unece:ProprietaryIdentity A proprietary identity specified for this requesting party.

Referenced by

URI Comment
unece:specifiedRequestingParty The requesting party specified in this financing request document.