A registered tax or duty system pertaining to an authority.

Object Properties

URI Type Comment
unece:currencyCode xsd:string The code specifying the currency for this registered tax.
unece:customsDutyIndicator xsd:boolean The indication of whether or not this registered tax is a customs duty.
unece:description xsd:string A textual description of this registered tax.
unece:exemptionReason xsd:string A reason, expressed as text, for exemption from this registered tax.
unece:exemptionReasonCode xsd:string The code specifying the exemption reason for this registered tax.
unece:jurisdiction xsd:string A jurisdiction, expressed as text, for this registered tax.
unece:registeredTaxTypeCode xsd:string The code specifying the type of registered tax.

Referenced by

URI Comment
unece:associatedTax The registered tax associated with this tax registration.