Material capable of undergoing spontaneous nuclear decay involving emission of ionizing radiation in the form of particles or gamma rays.

Object Properties

URI Type Comment
unece:applicableRadioactiveIsotope unece:RadioactiveIsotope An isotope applicable to this radioactive material.
unece:compositionDescription xsd:string The textual description of the composition of this radioactive material.
unece:criticalitySafetyIndexNumeric xsd:string The criticality safety index number of this radioactive material.
unece:fissileCriticalitySafetyIndexNu... xsd:string The number (rounded up to the next tenth) assigned to and placed on the label of a fissile radioactive material package, to designate the degree of control of accumulation of packages, overpacks or freight containers containing fissile material during transportation.
unece:fissileExceptionIndicator xsd:boolean The indication of whether or not this radioactive material is a fissile exception.
unece:lowDispersibleInformation xsd:string Information, expressed as text, describing the low dispersion properties of this radioactive material.
unece:radioactivePackageTransportInde... xsd:string A code specifying a package transport index for this radioactive material.
unece:radionuclideName xsd:string The name of the radionuclide, expressed as text, of this radioactive material.
unece:specialFormInformation xsd:string Information, expressed as text, describing the special form for this radioactive material.
unece:transportIndexNumeric xsd:string The transport index number of this radioactive material.
unece:typeCode xsd:string The code specifying the type of this radioactive material.

Referenced by

URI Comment
unece:radioactiveMaterial The radioactive material (Class 7) transported as dangerous goods.