An endeavour carefully planned to achieve a unique product, service, or other particular aim such as a construction project.

Data Properties

URI Type Comment
unece:constraintIndicator xsd:boolean The indication of whether or not the project is constrained by an authority such as the World Trade Organization (WTO) for this procuring project.
unece:description xsd:string The textual description of this procuring project.
unece:identifier xsd:token The unique identifier of this procuring project.
unece:name xsd:string The name, expressed as text, of this procuring project.
unece:netBudgetAmount xsd:decimal The monetary value of the net budget for this procuring project. This excludes tax, the costs of installing equipment, and material costs from the total size of budget.
unece:subWorksTypeCode xsd:token A code specifying the type of sub works, such as land surveying or information technology consulting, for this procuring project.
unece:totalBudgetAmount xsd:decimal The monetary value of the total budget which includes net amount, taxes, and material and instalment costs for this procuring project. It includes all expenses, for example, the construction amount, tax and instalment costs for the supplier’s service as well as material costs paid by the owner institution, because construction materials can be ordered separately from the construction service itself.
unece:typeCode xsd:token The code specifying the type of procuring project, such as goods, works and service.
unece:worksTypeCode xsd:token A code specifying the type of work, such as surveying or consulting, for this procuring project.

Referenced by

URI Comment
unece:programProject A mission project program for this line trade agreement.
unece:specifiedProject The procuring project specified for this header trade agreement.