The numeric value determined by linear measuring.

Object Properties

URI Type Comment
unece:LinearUnitMeasureTypeCode unece:LinearUnitMeasureCode The unit code.

Data Properties

URI Type Comment
unece:LinearUnitMeasureTypeValue xsd:decimal The numeric value.

Referenced by

URI Comment
unece:affectedDistanceMeasure The affected distance over which this calculated emission is measured.
unece:airDraughtLevelMeasure An air draught level measure for this logistics transport means.
unece:linearUnitDiameterMeasure The measure of the diameter component for this spatial dimension.
unece:linearUnitDistanceMeasure The measure of the distance of this specified route.
unece:linearUnitLengthMeasure The measure of the length of this logistics means of transport.
unece:linearUnitLoadingLengthMeasure A measure of the loading ...
unece:linearUnitRequiredLaneLengthMea... The measure of the external ...
unece:maximumWidthMeasure The maximum width measure for this logistics convoy.
unece:overallLengthMeasure The overall length measure of this logistics convoy.