The process of certifying that a certain animal has met performance and quality assurance requirements, or qualification requirements as stipulated in regulations.

Object Properties

URI Type Comment
unece:assertion xsd:string An assertion, expressed as text, for this animal certification.
unece:assertionCode xsd:string The code specifying the assertion, such as a claim that the process is free from child labour, for this animal certification.
unece:relatedLocation unece:Location A referenced location related to this animal certification.
unece:responsibleAgency xsd:string An agency, expressed as text, responsible for this animal certification.
unece:specifiedAssertion unece:Assertion A sustainability assertion specified for this animal certification.
unece:standard xsd:string A standard, expressed as text, used for this animal certification.

Referenced by

URI Comment
unece:applicableAnimalCertification An animal certification applicable to this animal certificate.
unece:specifiedAnimalCertification An animal certification specified for this production facility.