Inventory type code list

Code specifying a type of inventory.

See also the corresponding class


uncl7491:1Accepted product inventoryInventory of products accepted by control of incoming products.1
uncl7491:2Damaged product inventoryInventory of damaged products.2
uncl7491:3Bonded inventoryInventory of products bonded for customs reasons.3
uncl7491:4Reserved inventoryInventory related to reserved products.4
uncl7491:5Awaiting inspection inventoryInventory of products awaiting quality inspection.5
uncl7491:6Finished goodsInventory of products that are complete and ready for sale.6
uncl7491:7Maintenance, repair & operations (MRO)Inventory of itemsused within the manufactureof products, but without making up any part of a finished product.7
uncl7491:8Packing materialsInventory of anything used for packing and protecting goods while in storage, or during shipping.8
uncl7491:9Raw materialsInventory of raw materials used to manufacturefinished products.9
uncl7491:10Unfinished Products.Inventory of products that are incomplete and not ready for sale.10
uncl7491:11Work in progress (WIP)Inventory of unfinished items or componentscurrently in production.11