Process type description code list

Code specifying a type of process.

See also the corresponding class


uncl7187:1Wood preparationA process to prepare wood.1
uncl7187:2CausticizingTreatment with a caustic agent.2
uncl7187:3DigestingA process of digesting.3
uncl7187:4Brownstock washingWashing with brownstock.4
uncl7187:5BleachingRemoving colour by treatment with an oxidizing agent (a bleach).5
uncl7187:6Pulp dryingThe process of drying pulp.6
uncl7187:7FreezingFreezing process.7
uncl7187:8Processing of structured informationThe information to be processed is in structured form.8
uncl7187:9Processing of identical information in structured and unstructured formThe information to be processed is identical and given in structured and unstructured form.9
uncl7187:10Processing of different information in structured and unstructured formThe information to be processed is different and is given in structured and unstructured form.10
uncl7187:11Processing of unstructured informationThe information to be processed is in unstructured form.11
uncl7187:12SlaughterSlaughter process.12
uncl7187:13PackingPacking process.13
uncl7187:14Heat sterilisationTreated by heat sterilisation.14
uncl7187:15Chemical sterilisationTreated by chemical sterilisation.15
uncl7187:16FumigationTreated by fumigation.16
uncl7187:17IrradiationTreated by irradiation.17
uncl7187:18FuelingFueling process.18
uncl7187:19Acceptance of business conditionsCode specifying the process of accepting the terms and conditions under which business will be conducted.19
uncl7187:20Pathology serviceThe provision of a pathology service.20
uncl7187:21Radiology serviceThe provision of a radiology service.21
uncl7187:22Contribution paymentThe payment of a contribution.22
uncl7187:23Clinical donationThe process of providing a clinical donation.23
uncl7187:24Medical general practiceThe provision of general medical services.24
uncl7187:25Specialist medical serviceThe provision of specialist medical services, other than pathology or radiology.25
uncl7187:26Dispensing of medicineThe process performed by a pharmacist to prepare and dispense medicine according to a prescription.26
uncl7187:27PlanningThe process of developing plans.27
uncl7187:28TradingThe process of trading.28
uncl7187:29OperatingThe process of operating.29
uncl7187:30MeteringThe process of metering.30
uncl7187:31SettlementThe process of settling.31
uncl7187:32ChillingTo reduce a product's temperature to above 273K.32
uncl7187:33CollectingTo gather or extract from a number of persons or sources.33
uncl7187:34CuttingTo penetrate with or as if with an edged instrument.34
uncl7187:35HarvestingTo gather, catch, hunt, or kill.35
uncl7187:36InspectingTo examine officially.36
uncl7187:37ManufacturingTo make from raw materials by hand or by machinery.37
uncl7187:38PreservingTo can, pickle, or similarly prepare for future use.38
uncl7187:39ProcessingTo subject to or handle through an established usually routine set of procedures.39
uncl7187:40ProducingTo make produce by growing.40
uncl7187:41Rendering (agriculture)To extract by melting in order to extract proteins, fats, and other usable parts.41
uncl7187:42SamplingTo take a sample of or from the product.42
uncl7187:43StoringTo place or leave in a location (as a warehouse, library, or computer memory) for preservation.43
uncl7187:44TransferringTo convey from one person, place, or situation to another.44
uncl7187:45TreatingTo act upon e.g. with some agent.45
uncl7187:46GrindingTreated by grinding.46
uncl7187:47Addition of secondary inhibitorsThe process of adding secondary inhibitors.47
uncl7187:48Metals recoveryThe process of recovering metals e.g. retorting, smelting, chemical process.48
uncl7187:49Solvents recoveryThe process of recovering solvents e.g. distillation, extraction.49
uncl7187:50Recovery for reuseThe process of recovering (reclaiming) materials for reuse, e.g. acid regeneration, organics recovery.50
uncl7187:51IncinerationThe process of destruction through the application of heat.51
uncl7187:52On-site fuel recoveryThe process of recovering a material for reuse as a fuel on the same site.52
uncl7187:53Fuel blendingThe process of blending fuels.53
uncl7187:54Chemical reductionThe process of chemical reduction.54
uncl7187:55Cyanide destructionThe process of destruction through the application of cyanide.55
uncl7187:56Chemical oxidationThe process of chemical oxidation.56
uncl7187:57Wet air oxidationThe process of wet air oxidation.57
uncl7187:58Chemical precipitationThe process of chemical precipitation.58
uncl7187:59Biological treatmentThe process of biological treatment.59
uncl7187:60AdsorptionThe process of adsorption.60
uncl7187:61Air or steam strippingThe process of air or steam stripping.61
uncl7187:62DewateringThe process of removing water.62
uncl7187:63AbsorptionThe process of absorption.63
uncl7187:64StabilizationThe process of stabilization e.g. chemical fixation.64
uncl7187:65Macro-encapsulationThe process of macro-encapsulation.65
uncl7187:66NeutralizationThe process of neutralization.66
uncl7187:67EvaporationThe process of evaporation.67
uncl7187:68Phase separationThe process of phase separation.68
uncl7187:69Unspecified treatmentTreatment without specification.69
uncl7187:70Landfill or surface impoundment disposalThe process of disposing waste as landfill or in a surface impoundment that will be closed as landfill.70
uncl7187:71Deep well or underground injectionThe process of filling up a deep well or underground pocket.71
uncl7187:72Discharge to sewerThe process of discharging materials into the public sewer system.72
uncl7187:73Collection and storage, temporaryThe process of collecting and temporarily storing objects.73
uncl7187:74Cold treatmentThe process of cold treatment.74
uncl7187:75Hot air treatmentThe process of hot air treatment.75
uncl7187:76Hot water treatmentThe process of hot water treatment.76
uncl7187:77Methyl bromide treatmentThe process of treating with methyl bromide.77
uncl7187:78Phosphine treatmentThe process of treating with phosphine.78
uncl7187:79DepulpingThe process of removing pulp.79
uncl7187:80Manual removalThe process of removing by hand.80
uncl7187:81Sulfuryl fluoride fumigationThe process of fumigating with sulfuryl fluoride.81
uncl7187:82Steam treatmentThe process of treating with steam.82
uncl7187:83Vapor heatThe process of treating with vapor heat.83
uncl7187:84AssemblingThe process of assembling.84
uncl7187:85BoilingThe process of boiling.85
uncl7187:86CanningThe process of sealing in an airtight container.86
uncl7187:87ChippingThe process of chipping.87
uncl7187:88CleaningThe process of making clean.88
uncl7187:89CoatingThe process of coating.89
uncl7187:90DehydrationThe process of dehydrating.90
uncl7187:91DevitalizationThe process of devitalizing.91
uncl7187:92DisinfectionThe process of disinfecting.92
uncl7187:93DryingThe process of drying.93
uncl7187:94DyeingThe process of dyeing.94
uncl7187:95Heat treatmentThe process of heat treatment.95
uncl7187:96HuskingThe process of removing husk.96
uncl7187:97LiquificationThe process of liquifying.97
uncl7187:98ShellingThe process of removing shells.98
uncl7187:99WashingThe process of washing.99
uncl7187:100Land treatment or applicationThe process of using bio remediation for treating waste e.g. Tilling the land for aerating the waste.100
uncl7187:101PasteurizationA process of heating a food, usually liquid, to a specific temperature for a definite length of time, and then cooling it immediately.101
uncl7187:102Biological recyclingThe process of biological recycling.102
uncl7187:103Biological refiningThe process of biological refining.103
uncl7187:104BlendingThe process of blending.104
uncl7187:105BreedingThe process of breeding.105
uncl7187:106Chemical recyclingThe process of chemical recycling.106
uncl7187:107CombingThe process of combing (e.g. in textiles named 'top making' of fibres).107
uncl7187:108Agricultural cultivationThe process of managing the growth, development, and yield ofagricultural crops.108
uncl7187:109DesigningThe process of designing.109
uncl7187:110DisposingThe process of disposing.110
uncl7187:111ExtrusionThe process of shaping a material by forcing it through a hole.111
uncl7187:112FatliquoringThe process of applying of fatliquors (e.g. for lubricating and softening hides/skins).112
uncl7187:113Product finishingThe process of product finishing.113
uncl7187:114GinningThe process of ginning (e.g. cleaning cotton, flax fibres, etc).114
uncl7187:115GradingThe process of grading.115
uncl7187:116HatchingThe process of hatching116
uncl7187:117MarketingThe process of marketing.117
uncl7187:118Mechanical recyclingThe process of mechanical recycling.118
uncl7187:119PolymerisationThe process of reacting monomer molecules together in a chemical reaction.119
uncl7187:120Pre-treatmentThe process of pre-treatment.120
uncl7187:121PrintingThe process of printing.121
uncl7187:122Pulp dissolvingThe process of dissolving into a liquid, e.g. wood pulp or cotton linters into water.122
uncl7187:123Quality checkingThe process of checking quality, e.g. of products.123
uncl7187:124RecyclingThe process of recycling.124
uncl7187:125RefiningThe process of refining.125
uncl7187:126RetailingThe process of retailing.126
uncl7187:127RetanningThe process of a secondtanning stage in which differenttanningagents are generally used in comparison to the initial tanning process.127
uncl7187:128RettingThe process of employing the action of bacteria and moisture on plants to dissolve the cellular tissues and substances.128
uncl7187:129Returns managementThe process by which activities are associated withreturns.129
uncl7187:130Setting out leatherThe process of reducing wrinkles from hides/skins.130
uncl7187:131Shaving hidesThe process of making the thickness of hides uniform.131
uncl7187:132ShearingThe process of shearing132
uncl7187:133Silk reelingThe process by which cocoon baves arereeledtogether to produce a single thread.133
uncl7187:134SofteningThe process of softening.134
uncl7187:135SortingThe process of sorting.135
uncl7187:136SpinningThe process of spinning.136
uncl7187:137SplittingThe process of splitting.137
uncl7187:138TanningThe process of treating hides or skins with tanning agents.138
uncl7187:139Thermo mechanical recyclingThe process of thermo mechanical recycling.139
uncl7187:140WarehousingThe process of warehousing.140
uncl7187:141WeavingThe process of weaving141
uncl7187:ZZZMutually definedProcess type mutually agreed between interchanging parties.ZZZ