Cargo type classification code list

Code specifying the classification of a type of cargo.

See also the corresponding class


uncl7085:1DocumentsPrinted, typed or written matter including leaflets, pamphlets, certificates etc., which are not subject to import duties and taxes, restrictions and prohibitions.1
uncl7085:2Low value non-dutiable consignmentsImported consignments/items/goods in respect of which Customs duties and other taxes are waived as they are below a value determined by the Customs administration.2
uncl7085:3Low value dutiable consignmentsImported consignments/items/goods in respect of which Customs duties and other taxes are payable are below a certain amount as determined by the Customs administration.3
uncl7085:4High value consignmentsImported consignments/items/goods which are determined as having a value above a certain amount fixed by the Customs administration, which may or may not attract duties and taxes.4
uncl7085:5Other non-containerizedNon-containerized cargo which cannot be categorized by any of the other nature of cargo code.5
uncl7085:6VehiclesVehicles which are not stowed in containers.6
uncl7085:7Roll-on roll-offCargo transported or to be transported on roll-on roll- off vessels and which is transportable on its own wheels or stowed on special heavy duty trailers.7
uncl7085:8PalletizedNon-containerized cargo which is palletized.8
uncl7085:9ContainerizedCargo stowed or to be stowed in a container.9
uncl7085:10BreakbulkNon-containerized cargo stowed in vessels' holds.10
uncl7085:11Hazardous cargoCargo with dangerous properties, according to appropriate dangerous goods regulations.11
uncl7085:12General cargoCargo of a general nature, not otherwise specified.12
uncl7085:13Liquid cargoCargo in liquid form.13
uncl7085:14Temperature controlled cargoCargo transported under specified temperature conditions.14
uncl7085:15Environmental pollutant cargoCargo is an environmental pollutant.15
uncl7085:16Not-hazardous cargoCargo which is not hazardous.16
uncl7085:17DiplomaticCargo transported under diplomatic conditions.17
uncl7085:18MilitaryCargo for military purposes.18
uncl7085:19ObnoxiousCargo that is objectionable to human senses.19
uncl7085:20Out of gaugeCargo that has at least one non-standard dimension.20
uncl7085:21Household goods and personal effectsCargo consisting of household goods and personal effects.21
uncl7085:22Frozen cargoCargo of frozen products.22
uncl7085:23Ballast onlyNo cargo, means of transport is carrying only ballast.23
uncl7085:24Incompatible cargoIncompatible cargo to be transported / stored with other types of cargo.24
uncl7085:25Deep-frozen cargoCargo of deep-frozen products.25