Item availability code list

Code specifying the availability of an item.

See also the corresponding class


uncl7011:1New, announcement onlyThe item is announced only, not yet available.1
uncl7011:2New, availableThe item is new and available.2
uncl7011:3ObsoleteThe item is obsolete.3
uncl7011:4PrototypeThe item is a prototype and is not yet in normal production.4
uncl7011:5CommodityCompany's standard product.5
uncl7011:6SpecialItem is not a standard product.6
uncl7011:7Temporarily outItem is temporarily not available.7
uncl7011:8Manufacture outItem is out of production.8
uncl7011:9DiscontinuedItem is no longer available because it is discontinued.9
uncl7011:10Seasonally available onlyItem is only seasonally available.10
uncl7011:11Deletion, announcement onlyThe announcement of a deletion.11