Clinical information type code qualifier list

Code qualifying the type of clinical information.

See also the corresponding class


uncl6415:1AnamnesisMedical history.1
uncl6415:2DiagnosisMedical diagnosis.2
uncl6415:3Medical treatmentInformation regarding medical treatment.3
uncl6415:4SymptomChange in the physical or mental condition of a person regarded as an evidence of a disease.4
uncl6415:5Medical examinationInformation regarding a medical examination.5
uncl6415:6Discharge diagnosisMedical diagnosis at the time of discharge.6
uncl6415:7Diagnosis related groupGrouping of related diagnosis.7
uncl6415:8InterventionInformation regarding a medical intervention.8
uncl6415:9PrognosisInformation regarding the probable course and/or termination of a disease.9
uncl6415:10Examination resultInformation regarding the result of a medical examination.10
uncl6415:11Laboratory analysis resultInformation regarding the result of a laboratory analysis.11
uncl6415:12Medicinal treatmentInformation regarding a treatment with medicinal products.12
uncl6415:13Patient medical instructionInformation regarding the medical instruction given to a patient.13
uncl6415:14Medical instruction to physicianInformation regarding the medical instruction given to a physician.14
uncl6415:15Medical observationInformation regarding medical observation.15