Measured attribute code list

Code specifying the attribute measured.

See also the corresponding class


uncl6313:AConsolidated weightThe measured consolidated weight.A
uncl6313:AAANet weight[6160] Weight of goods including any packaging that normally going with the goods.AAA
uncl6313:AABGoods item gross weight[6292] Weight (mass) of goods including packing but excluding the carrier's equipment.AAB
uncl6313:AACTotal net weightTotal weight of goods excluding packaging.AAC
uncl6313:AADConsignment gross weight[6012] Total gross weight (mass) of all goods items referred to as one consignment including packaging but excluding any transport equipment.AAD
uncl6313:AAFNet net weight[6048] Weight (mass) if goods without any packaging.AAF
uncl6313:AAGStern thrustForce exerted by a thruster installed at the stern of a vessel.AAG
uncl6313:AAHBow thrustForce exerted by a thruster installed at the bow of a vessel.AAH
uncl6313:AAIHydrate content of an alcoholic product at bottlingThe hydrate content of an alcoholic product at the moment of bottling.AAI
uncl6313:AAJNumber of units per palletThe number of units contained on a pallet.AAJ
uncl6313:AAKFat contentAn indication of the fat content of a product.AAK
uncl6313:AAMTransport means gross weight[6300] The measure of the overall size of a ship determined in accordance with the provisions of the International Convention on Tonnage Measurement of Ships, 1969.AAM
uncl6313:AANNet tonnage of the vessel[6302] The measure of the useful capacity of a ship determined in accordance with the provisions of the International Convention on Tonnage Measurement of Ships, 1969.AAN
uncl6313:AAOHumidityDegree of moisture.AAO
uncl6313:AAPVoltageElectromotive force, or difference of electronic potential between two points.AAP
uncl6313:AAQPower consumptionValue of energy consumption.AAQ
uncl6313:AARHeat dissipationMeasurement of the rate of dispersal of heat.AAR
uncl6313:AASAir flowMeasurement of the flow of air.AAS
uncl6313:AATShock impactMeasurement of the impact of a shock.AAT
uncl6313:AAUOperative temperatureTemperature identified system or process works according to specifications.AAU
uncl6313:AAVNon operative temperatureTemperature identified system or process does not work according to specifications.AAV
uncl6313:AAWGross volumeThe volume unadjusted for factors such as temperature or gravity.AAW
uncl6313:AAXNet volumeThe volume after adjustment for factors such as temperature or gravity.AAX
uncl6313:AAYWater contentWater content in product.AAY
uncl6313:AAZTensile stressThe measured tensile stress.AAZ
uncl6313:ABAFibrosityThe measured fibrosity.ABA
uncl6313:ABBGauge lengthThe measured gauge length.ABB
uncl6313:ABCRadiusThe measured radius.ABC
uncl6313:ABDStraightnessStraightness of the item.ABD
uncl6313:ABEStrainThe measured strain.ABE
uncl6313:ABFItem width when unrolledThe width of an item when unrolled.ABF
uncl6313:ABGItem length when unrolledThe length of an item when unrolled.ABG
uncl6313:ABHItem area when unrolledThe area occupied by an item when unrolled.ABH
uncl6313:ABIOriginal wortMeasure of the malt and hops content of beer, before fermentation has taken place.ABI
uncl6313:ABJVolumeThe amount of air space taken up by the entity identified in the 6311 qualifier.ABJ
uncl6313:ABKAngleThe angle of an object.ABK
uncl6313:ABLPeg hole horizontal distance from package leftmost edgeHorizontal distance from the left most edge of the package to the center of the hole into which the peg is inserted.ABL
uncl6313:ABMPeg hole vertical distance from package topVertical distance from the top of the package to the top of the hole into which the peg is inserted.ABM
uncl6313:ABNNumber of layers per palletThe number of layers per pallet.ABN
uncl6313:ABOProduct strengh, chemicalThe amount of the single active chemical ingredient within a product.ABO
uncl6313:ABPProduct strength basis, chemicalAmount of product used as the basis for the specification of the chemical product strenght.ABP
uncl6313:ABSItem weightWeight at line item level.ABS
uncl6313:ABTPayload weight, maximumThe maximum weight of a payload.ABT
uncl6313:ABXWeight of conveyanceTonnage of conveyance.ABX
uncl6313:ABYConveyance summer dead weightRegistered summer dead weight total tonnage of the vessel.ABY
uncl6313:ABZContainerized cargo on vessel's weightTotal weight of containerized cargo on vessel.ABZ
uncl6313:ACANon-containerized cargo on vessel's weightTotal weight of non-containerized cargo on vessel.ACA
uncl6313:ACEAscertained weight[4240] Endorsement of the true weight (mass) as ascertained or verified.ACE
uncl6313:ACGChargeable weightThe weight on which charges are based.ACG
uncl6313:ACNEstimated gross weightEstimated weight (mass) of goods, including packing and excluding carrier's.ACN
uncl6313:ACPEstimated volumeEstimated size or measure of anything in three dimensions.ACP
uncl6313:ACSVessel overall lengthTotal overall length of the vessel.ACS
uncl6313:ACVLoading meters[6046] (6042) (6044) The length in a vehicle, whereby the complete width and height over that length is needed for the goods.ACV
uncl6313:ACWNumber of axlesNumber of axles of movable equipment or means of transport on wheels.ACW
uncl6313:ACXPayloadThe revenue-producing load carried by a means of transport.ACX
uncl6313:ADRStart position in the lengthThe starting position from the beginning of an item located in the length direction.ADR
uncl6313:ADSEnd position in the lengthThe end position from the beginning of an item located in the length direction.ADS
uncl6313:ADTStart position in the widthThe start position from the beginning of an item located in the width direction.ADT
uncl6313:ADUEnd position in the widthThe end position from the beginning of an item located in the width direction.ADU
uncl6313:ADVStart position in the thicknessThe start position from the beginning of an item located in the thickness direction.ADV
uncl6313:ADWEnd position in the thicknessThe end position from the beginning of an item located in the thickness direction.ADW
uncl6313:ADXTransport container actual filling weightActual filling weight of a transport container.ADX
uncl6313:ADYTransport container maximum capacityMaximum capacity of a transport container.ADY
uncl6313:ADZDeclared net weightThe declared net weight of a product or products used for invoicing, customs or transport purposes.ADZ
uncl6313:AEALoading heightMaximum height of products or packages loaded onto a given transportation device or equipment such as a pallet.AEA
uncl6313:AEBStacking heightMaximum height up to which the same product or package may be placed one upon the other for storage purposes.AEB
uncl6313:AECCalculated weightThe calculated weight of the item based on the ordered dimensions.AEC
uncl6313:AEDFerriteThe chemical composition ferrite.AED
uncl6313:AEEImpurityThe impurity of the product i.e. the measurement of other chemical elements not normally appearing in a product.AEE
uncl6313:AEFGrain sizeThe grain size.AEF
uncl6313:AEGLanthanidesThe chemical element Lanthanides.AEG
uncl6313:AEHElasticityThe value of the elasticity.AEH
uncl6313:AEIDrained weightThe weight of a product when all liquids used in the packaging of the product have been removed.AEI
uncl6313:AEJGalliumMeasurement of the gallium component.AEJ
uncl6313:AEKStrontiumMeasurement of the strontium component.AEK
uncl6313:AELAreaExtent or measure of a surface.AEL
uncl6313:AEMEquipment storage limitationMaximum storage limit of the equipment.AEM
uncl6313:AENRadioactive index of transportThe index of transport determines the maximum radiation level at a distance of 1m from the external surface.AEN
uncl6313:AEORadioactivityActivity of radioactive material.AEO
uncl6313:AEPAverage gross weightWeight which is the outcome of the division of the total gross weight by the number of units.AEP
uncl6313:AEQForward draftDepth of water from the surface of water to the bottom of the vessel measured at the draft mark of the bow.AEQ
uncl6313:AERAfter draftDepth of water from the surface of water to the bottom of the vessel measured at the draft mark of the stern.AER
uncl6313:AESAcidityThe quality, state, or degree of being acid.AES
uncl6313:AETTransport equipment gross weight[6294] Weight of a transport equipment including the cargo and carrier's equipment.AET
uncl6313:AEUTotal transport equipment gross weightTotal weight of all transport equipment including the cargo and carrier's equipment.AEU
uncl6313:AEVAcidity of juiceAcid measurement of juice.AEV
uncl6313:AEWPenetrometryMeasurement of force required to drive a standard penetrating stamp.AEW
uncl6313:AEXDurofelMeasurement of the elastic force using a standard penetrating stamp.AEX
uncl6313:AEYJuice weight per 100 gramsMeasurement of weight of juice, based on 100 grams of the entire weight.AEY
uncl6313:AEZFruit skin colourMeasurement of the colouring of the epidermis of a fruit.AEZ
uncl6313:AFAngle of bendThe measured angle of bend.AF
uncl6313:AFAFixed incremental measurementThe measurement of the fixed increment.AFA
uncl6313:AFBDurofel D10Measure of the elastic force of the pulp of a fruit. It is measured with a penetrating stamp with diameter 10.AFB
uncl6313:AFCDurofel D25Measure of the elastic force of the pulp of a fruit. It is measured with a penetrating stamp with diameter 25.AFC
uncl6313:AFDDurofel D50Measure of the elastic force of the pulp of a fruit. It is measured with a penetrating stamp with diameter 50.AFD
uncl6313:AFEMaximum stacking weightThe maximum weight which may be stacked upon a product or package without the product or packaging being crushed.AFE
uncl6313:AFFGross measure cubeThe total cubic space occupied by an item, taking into account any protruding components, arrived at by multiplying the maximum length, width and height.AFF
uncl6313:AFGPercentage fat content in dry matterThe percentage of fat content in dry matter.AFG
uncl6313:AFHSaccharometric contentMeasurement of the sugar content of a solution.AFH
uncl6313:AFIHydrate content of an alcoholic product after bottlingThe hydrate content which occurs in an alcoholic product after bottling.AFI
uncl6313:AFJAnhydrous contentThe non-water content.AFJ
uncl6313:AFKCertified weightWeight which has been certified.AFK
uncl6313:AFLFreeboardThe vertical distance between the waterline and the upper edge of the deck line.AFL
uncl6313:AFMMaximum vessel draughtThe depth of water needed to float the ship (Maximum vessel draught according to Load Line Certificate IMO, MSC/Circ. 920 15 June 1999).AFM
uncl6313:AFNNet explosive weightMass of the explosive part or substance of goods without any packing.AFN
uncl6313:AFORadioactive criticality safety indexA number, assigned to fissile material i.e. material capable of sustaining a nuclear chain reaction, which is used to provide control over the accumulation of packages containing such material.AFO
uncl6313:AFPWaste currently on boardAmount of waste on board at the moment of the notification.AFP
uncl6313:AFQWaste to be delivered at waste reception facilityAmount of waste to be delivered to a waste reception facility, e.g. in the port of call.AFQ
uncl6313:AFRWaste to be generated until next port of call, estimatedEstimated amount of waste to be generated between creation of the current notification and arrival in the next port of call, irrespective of use of incinerator or compactor or disposal at sea.AFR
uncl6313:AFSWaste remaining on board at departureAmount of waste remaining on board when leaving the port of call.AFS
uncl6313:AFTColour depthThe number of distinct colours represented, e.g. in an image or in a display.AFT
uncl6313:AFUColour depth, maximumThe maximum number of distinct colours that can be represented, e.g. in an image or in a display.AFU
uncl6313:AFVImage resolutionThe level of detail of an image.AFV
uncl6313:AFWDevice resolution, maximumThe maximum level of detail produced by a device.AFW
uncl6313:AFXAcoustic absorption coefficientThe portion of sound energy a surface absorbs, measured at different frequencies.AFX
uncl6313:BBilled weightThe measured billed weight.B
uncl6313:BLBreaking loadThe measured breaking load.BL
uncl6313:BMYPlatinumThe measurement of the platinum component.BMY
uncl6313:BMZSilverThe measurement of the silver component.BMZ
uncl6313:BNAListThe leaning or inclination of a vessel expressed in degrees port or starboard.BNA
uncl6313:BNBTrimThe condition of a vessel with reference to its longitudinal axis.BNB
uncl6313:BNCFree waterThe volume of water present in a container that is not in suspension in the contained liquid.BNC
uncl6313:BNDBandsThe measured bands.BND
uncl6313:BNEAPI (American Petroleum Institute) gravityThe relative density of petroleum liquids as specified by a standard developed by the API.BNE
uncl6313:BNFPetroleum gross observed volumeThe total volume of all petroleum liquids and sediment and water, excluding free water, at observed temperature and pressure.BNF
uncl6313:BNGPetroleum gross standard volumeThe total volume of all petroleum liquids, sediment, and water excluding free water, corrected by the appropriate volume correction factor for the observed temperature and American Petroleum Institute relative density, or density to a standard temperature.BNG
uncl6313:BNHVolume varianceThe change in the volume measurement.BNH
uncl6313:BNIPetroleum net standard volumeThe total volume of all petroleum liquids, excluding sediment and water and free water, corrected by the appropriate volume correction factor for the observed temperature and American Petroleum Institute gravity relative to density or to a standard temperature.BNI
uncl6313:BNJMaterial on-board quantity, after dischargeThe material in vessel tanks, void spaces, and pipelines after discharge.BNJ
uncl6313:BNKPetroleum total calculated volumeThe total volume of all petroleum liquids, sediment and water corrected by the appropriate volume correction factor for the observed temperature and American Petroleum Institute (API) gravity, relative density, or density to a standard temperature.BNK
uncl6313:BNLPetroleum total observed volumeThe total volume of all petroleum liquids, sediment and water and free water at observed temperature and pressure.BNL
uncl6313:BNMInnage gauge distanceThe measured distance from the surface of the liquid to a fixed datum plate or to the tank bottom.BNM
uncl6313:BNNPetroleum net standard weightThe total weight of all petroleum liquids excluding sediments, water and free water.BNN
uncl6313:BNOSediment and water in petroleumThe measurement of non-hydrocarbon solid material and water in suspension in petroleum liquid.BNO
uncl6313:BNPObserved reference height, tankThe observed distance from the tank bottom or datum plate to the established reference point.BNP
uncl6313:BNQReference height, tankThe measured distance from the tank bottom or datum plate to the established reference point.BNQ
uncl6313:BNRUllage gauge distanceThe measured distance from the cargo liquid surface to the reference point.BNR
uncl6313:BNSTrim correctionThe correction applied to the observed gauge or observed volume when a vessel is not on an even keel.BNS
uncl6313:BNTBow to bridge distanceThe distance between the bow and the bridge of a vessel.BNT
uncl6313:BNUPeg hole numberUsed to identify the peg hole if more than one hole is present in the product or packaging.BNU
uncl6313:BNVNumber of inner packsIndicates the number of non coded physical groupings (inner packs) of next lower level trade items within the current trade item level.BNV
uncl6313:BNWNumber of next level trade items within inner packThe number of next lower level trade items contained within the physical non-coded grouping (inner pack).BNW
uncl6313:BNXNumber of trade items per pallet layerThe number of trade items contained on a single layer of a pallet.BNX
uncl6313:BNYPacked items layer heightThe height of a single layer of packed items.BNY
uncl6313:BNZPacking material weight, skin tight coveringThe weight measurement of the packing material used for skin tight covering (e.g. when packaging prepared meats, poultry, cheese, and other food products).BNZ
uncl6313:BRBrightnessThe measured brightness.BR
uncl6313:BRABrakesThe measured brakes.BRA
uncl6313:BRBComponents labelled for recycling percentagePercentage of trade item components that clearly label how to facilitate product disassembly and recycling.BRB
uncl6313:BRCRenewable plastic components percentage, by net weightThe percentage of the plastic components only made from rapidly renewable plant-based material by net weight of product.BRC
uncl6313:BRDClamp pressure, requiredThe pressure that should be applied by a clamp.BRD
uncl6313:BREBreakThe measured break.BRE
uncl6313:BRFAscertained volumeEndorsement of the true volume as ascertained or verified.BRF
uncl6313:BRGUnit weightThe weight of a unit.BRG
uncl6313:BRHTotal volumeTotal volume of goods and/or parcels.BRH
uncl6313:BRIUnit volumeThe volume of a unit.BRI
uncl6313:BRJVertical center of gravityDistance of vertical center of gravity relative to item's base.BRJ
uncl6313:BRKMaximum allowable transport stacking weightMaximum weight allowed to be stowed on top of an item during transport.BRK
uncl6313:BRLCarbon DioxideMeasurement of the carbon dioxide (C02) component.BRL
uncl6313:BRMNumber of base units per palletThe number of base units contained on a pallet.BRM
uncl6313:BRNColony forming unitMicro-organism colonies that are to be counted under determined conditions.BRN
uncl6313:BRODiluted liquid volumeThe volume of liquid which results after a dilution agent has been added, e.g. undiluted orange juice of 200ml, after dilution with water the volume of diluted liquid equals 1 litre.BRO
uncl6313:BRPEnergy efficiencyA measurement of the energy efficiency of an article.BRP
uncl6313:BRQNumber of layersNumber of layers of a product or products within a package, container, etc.BRQ
uncl6313:BRRMaximum demandThe highest demand recorded during the period of recording of usage of the supply.BRR
uncl6313:BRSNumber of pallet placesThe number of pallet places needed to store or to transport pallets (can be stacked).BRS
uncl6313:BRTPackage net measurement, cubedAn indication of the net cubed measurement of a package.BRT
uncl6313:BRUPower factorThe ratio of the power dissipated (active power in kW) to the total power (which is the product of the input volts times amps given in kVa). When equipment which uses reactive power is being operated the power factor will be less than one.BRU
uncl6313:BRVStacking factor excluding bottom itemMaximum number of identical items stackable on top of item.BRV
uncl6313:BSBreaking strengthThe measured breaking strength.BS
uncl6313:BSWBreaking strength wetThe measured breaking strength when wet.BSW
uncl6313:BSXStep sizeAn indication of measurements in which options contained within a Customer Specific Article are available, e.g. 10 metre planks of wood may be sold in step sizes of 2 metres.BSX
uncl6313:BSYNumber of units per packageThe number of identified units per package.BSY
uncl6313:BSZNumber of units per layerNumber of units of a product or package within one layer of a package, container, etc.BSZ
uncl6313:BTAWeight per running metreA code used to indicate the weight per running metre of floor coverings over floor area.BTA
uncl6313:BTBWeight per square metreA code used to indicate the weight per square metre of floor coverings over floor area.BTB
uncl6313:BTCAcidity of meatThe meat's acid quality or condition.BTC
uncl6313:BTDSlaughtering weightWeight immediately after slaughter.BTD
uncl6313:BTEStacking factor including bottom itemMaximum number of items stackable upon each other, including the bottom item.BTE
uncl6313:BTFNumber of units in the width of a layerNumber of units of a product or package which make up the width of a layer in a package, container, pallet, etc.BTF
uncl6313:BTGNumber of units in the depth of a layerNumber of units of a product or package which make up the depth of a layer in a package, container, pallet, etc.BTG
uncl6313:BTHNestable percentageExtent expressed as a percentage to which an item can be nested within an identical item, e.g. paper cups.BTH
uncl6313:BTIGross weight including carrier's equipmentWeight (mass) of goods including packaging and the carrier's equipment. In this context 'carrier's equipment' means any material resources necessary to facilitate the transport and handling of the goods without having the ability to move by its own propulsion, e.g. pallet, container, etc.BTI
uncl6313:BTJSugar contentThe rate of sugar.BTJ
uncl6313:BTKSelf-accelerating polymerization temperature (SAPT)The lowest temperature at which polymerization may occur for a substance as packed for transport.BTK
uncl6313:BTLSelf-accelerating decomposition temperature (SADT)The lowest temperature at which self-accelerating decomposition may occur for a substance as packed for transport.BTL
uncl6313:BTMControl temperatureThe controlled transport temperature to avoid decomposition of self-reactive substances and organic peroxides.BTM
uncl6313:BWBasis weight(6030) The measured basis weight.BW
uncl6313:CHNChangeThe measured change.CHN
uncl6313:CHOEmergency temperatureThe temperature at which emergency response is required for self-reactive substances and organic peroxides.CHO
uncl6313:CMColourThe measured colour.CM
uncl6313:CTContents of packageIn combination with the other data elements of the actual segment this code indicates the measured content of a package.CT
uncl6313:CVCommercial weightItem weight considering its maximum possible humidity.CV
uncl6313:CZCore lengthTo specify length of core on which product is to be placed.CZ
uncl6313:DDestination weight agreementThe agreed weight of despatched goods whose weight may change during transport.D
uncl6313:DIDiameterDiameter of an article.DI
uncl6313:DLDelta value LThe measured delta value L.DL
uncl6313:DNDensityThe measured density.DN
uncl6313:DPDepthThe measured depth.DP
uncl6313:DRDenierThe measured fineness of a material.DR
uncl6313:DSDistance between pointsThe measured distance between points.DS
uncl6313:DWWidth, boxcar doorThe measured width of a boxcar door.DW
uncl6313:EEstimated new weightThe measured estimated new weight.E
uncl6313:EAElongationThe measured elongation.EA
uncl6313:FDeficit weightThe measured deficit weight.F
uncl6313:FIFilament countUsed e.g. in textile, print industries.FI
uncl6313:FLLongitudinal flatnessThe measured longitudinal flatness.FL
uncl6313:FNFlatnessThe measured flatness.FN
uncl6313:FVTransverse flatnessThe measured transverse flatness.FV
uncl6313:GGGaugeThe measured gauge.GG
uncl6313:GWGross weight, maximumThe measured maximum gross weight.GW
uncl6313:HFHardnessThe measured hardness.HF
uncl6313:HMHeight, maximumThe measured maximum height.HM
uncl6313:HTHeight dimensionNumeric value of height.HT
uncl6313:IBImpact energyThe measured impact energy.IB
uncl6313:IDInside diameterThe measured inside diameter.ID
uncl6313:LLegal weight[6146] The measured legal weight.L
uncl6313:LMLength, maximumThe measured maximum length.LM
uncl6313:LNLength[6168] To specify the value of a length dimension.LN
uncl6313:LNDLost endThe measured lost end.LND
uncl6313:MMinimum weightThe measured minimum weight.M
uncl6313:MOMoistureMeasurement application is the moisture content of the item.MO
uncl6313:MWMaximum weightThe measured maximum weight.MW
uncl6313:NActual net weightThe actual weight of the goods excluding packaging.N
uncl6313:ODOutside diameterThe measured outside diameter.OD
uncl6313:PRSPre stretchMeasurement identifying the amount an item has been stretched prior to use.PRS
uncl6313:PTNPer tonneA measurement per tonne.PTN
uncl6313:RARelative humidityThe measured relative humidity.RA
uncl6313:RFResistivityThe measured resistivity.RF
uncl6313:RJRockwell CHardness in the Rockwell C scale.RJ
uncl6313:RMWReam weightMeasurement indication for paper.RMW
uncl6313:RPReduction of areaThe measured reduction of area.RP
uncl6313:RUNRun (process)The measured run (process).RUN
uncl6313:RYRatioThe measured ratio.RY
uncl6313:SQShipped quantityThe measured shipped quantity.SQ
uncl6313:TTare weight(6052) (6156) Weight excluding goods and loose accessories.T
uncl6313:TCTemperatureA measurement in relation to temperature.TC
uncl6313:THThicknessThe measured thickness.TH
uncl6313:TNTime periodMeasurement of a specific length of time.TN
uncl6313:TTTimeThe measured time.TT
uncl6313:VGMTransport equipment verified gross mass (weight)The gross mass (weight) of the transport equipment verified according to SOLAS Chapter VI, Regulation 2, paragraphs 4-6.VGM
uncl6313:VHHeight, van doorThe height of the door of a van or container.VH
uncl6313:VWWidth, van doorThe width of the door of a van or container.VW
uncl6313:WAWeight per unit of areaThe weight per unit of an area.WA
uncl6313:WDWidth dimensionNumeric value of width.WD
uncl6313:WMWidth, maximumThe maximum distance from side to side.WM
uncl6313:WUWeight per unit of lengthThe weight per unit of length.WU
uncl6313:XHSide height, flat bed with removable sidesThe height of the removable sides of a flat bed truck.XH
uncl6313:XQSquarenessThe measured squareness.XQ
uncl6313:XZSpool sizeThe measured spool size.XZ
uncl6313:YSYield stressThe measured yield stress.YS
uncl6313:ZALAluminiumThe measured chemical element aluminium.ZAL
uncl6313:ZASArsenicThe measured chemical element arsenic.ZAS
uncl6313:ZBBoronThe measured chemical element boron.ZB
uncl6313:ZBIBismuthThe measured chemical element bismuth.ZBI
uncl6313:ZCCarbonThe measured chemical element carbon.ZC
uncl6313:ZCACalciumThe measured chemical element calcium.ZCA
uncl6313:ZCBColumbiumThe measured chemical element columbium.ZCB
uncl6313:ZCECeriumThe measured chemical element cerium.ZCE
uncl6313:ZCLChlorineThe measured chemical element chlorine.ZCL
uncl6313:ZCOCobaltThe measured chemical element cobalt.ZCO
uncl6313:ZCRChromiumThe measured chemical element chromium.ZCR
uncl6313:ZCUCopperThe measured chemical element copper.ZCU
uncl6313:ZFEIronThe measured chemical element iron.ZFE
uncl6313:ZFSIron plus siliconThe measured substance iron plus silicon.ZFS
uncl6313:ZGEGermaniumThe measured chemical element germanium.ZGE
uncl6313:ZHHydrogenThe measured chemical element hydrogen.ZH
uncl6313:ZKPotassiumThe measured chemical element potassium.ZK
uncl6313:ZMGMagnesiumThe measured chemical element magnesium.ZMG
uncl6313:ZMNManganeseThe measured chemical element manganese.ZMN
uncl6313:ZMOMolybdenumThe measured chemical element molybdenum.ZMO
uncl6313:ZNNitrogenThe measured chemical element nitrogen.ZN
uncl6313:ZNASodiumThe measured chemical element sodium.ZNA
uncl6313:ZNBNiobiumThe chemical element niobium.ZNB
uncl6313:ZNINickelThe measured chemical element nickel.ZNI
uncl6313:ZOOxygenThe measured chemical element oxygen.ZO
uncl6313:ZPPhosphorusThe measured chemical element phosphorus.ZP
uncl6313:ZPBLeadThe measured chemical element lead.ZPB
uncl6313:ZSSulphurThe measured chemical element sulphur.ZS
uncl6313:ZSBAntimonyThe measured chemical element antimony.ZSB
uncl6313:ZSESeleniumThe measured chemical element selenium.ZSE
uncl6313:ZSISiliconThe measured chemical element silicon.ZSI
uncl6313:ZSLSilicium oxydThe measured substance silicium oxyd.ZSL
uncl6313:ZSNTinThe measured chemical element tin.ZSN
uncl6313:ZTATantaliumThe measured chemical element tantalium.ZTA
uncl6313:ZTETelluriumThe measured chemical element tellurium.ZTE
uncl6313:ZTITitaniumThe measured chemical element titanium.ZTI
uncl6313:ZVVanadiumThe measured chemical element vanadium.ZV
uncl6313:ZWTungstenThe measured chemical element tungsten.ZW
uncl6313:ZWAWaste contentThe measured waste content.ZWA
uncl6313:ZZNZincThe measured chemical element zinc.ZZN
uncl6313:ZZRZirconiumThe measured chemical element zirconium.ZZR
uncl6313:ZZZMutually definedA code assigned within a code list to be used on an interim basis and as defined among trading partners until a precise code can be assigned to the code list.ZZZ