Non-discrete measurement name code list

Code specifying the name of a non-discrete measurement.

See also the corresponding class


uncl6155:1ClearThe measurement has returned a clear result.1
uncl6155:2HazyThe measurement has returned a hazy result.2
uncl6155:3ExcessThe measurement has returned a result which is in excess of that expected.3
uncl6155:4SomeSome amount of the attribute being measured was found.4
uncl6155:5UndetectableThe attribute being measured was undetectable.5
uncl6155:6TraceA trace of the attribute being measured was found.6
uncl6155:7YesThe measurement returned a yes result.7
uncl6155:8ClosedThe measurement returned a closed result.8
uncl6155:9PassedThe measurement passed the required criteria.9
uncl6155:10PresentThe attribute being measured was present.10
uncl6155:11GelIndicates that the item measured is semi-solid colloidal.11
uncl6155:12OKThe measurement returned an OK result.12
uncl6155:13SlightA slight amount of the attribute being measured was found.13
uncl6155:14No GoodThe result of the measurement was no good.14
uncl6155:15MarginalThe result of the measurement was marginal.15
uncl6155:16NilNo amount of the attribute being measured was found.16
uncl6155:17PositiveA non-discrete value is positive.17
uncl6155:18OpenThe result of the measurement was open.18
uncl6155:19FreeIndicates that the item measured unrestricted.19
uncl6155:20NoThe measurement returned a no result.20
uncl6155:21CheckedThe measurement returned a checked result.21
uncl6155:22FailThe measurement returned a fail result.22
uncl6155:23AbsentThe attribute being measured was absent.23
uncl6155:24GoodThe measurement returned a good result.24
uncl6155:25FairThe measurement returned a fair result.25
uncl6155:26PoorThe measurement returned a poor result.26
uncl6155:27ExcellentThe measurement returned an excellent result.27
uncl6155:28BrightThe result was intense and/or vivid.28
uncl6155:29To be determinedThe measurement is to be determined.29
uncl6155:30HighThe result of the measurement is high.30
uncl6155:31Ambient temperatureThe temperature of the surrounding area or environment.31
uncl6155:32Conditional, freeIndicates that the item measured is conditionally unrestricted.32
uncl6155:33BalanceThe measurement is balanced.33
uncl6155:34CompleteThe measurement is complete.34
uncl6155:35LowThe attribute being measured had a low measurement.35
uncl6155:36Not applicableThe measurement is not applicable.36
uncl6155:37Not determinedThe measurement has not been determined.37
uncl6155:38NegligibleA negligible amount of the attribute being measured was found.38
uncl6155:39ModerateA moderate amount of the attribute being measured was found.39
uncl6155:40AppreciableAn appreciable amount of the attribute being measured was found.40
uncl6155:41Not availableThe measurement was not available.41
uncl6155:42Uncontrolled temperatureUncontrolled temperature conditions.42
uncl6155:43ChilledKept at a low temperature without freezing.43
uncl6155:44FrozenKept at a temperature below the freezing point.44
uncl6155:45Temperature controlledRequired temperature value.45
uncl6155:46NegativeA non-discrete value is negative.46
uncl6155:47VariableA non-discrete value is variable.47
uncl6155:48PartialA measurement that is partial.48
uncl6155:49Dry iceThe temperature of the goods being cooled by dry ice or solid carbon dioxide.49
uncl6155:ZZZMutually definedA code assigned within a code list to be used on an interim basis and as defined among trading partners until a precise code can be assigned to the code list.ZZZ