Rate type code qualifier list

Code qualifying the type of rate.

See also the corresponding class


uncl5419:1Allowance rateCode specifying the allowance rate.1
uncl5419:2Charge rateCode specifying the charge rate.2
uncl5419:3Actual versus calculated price difference rateDifference rate of actual price and calculated price.3
uncl5419:4Standard labour rateLabour rate for a normal working day. Synonym: Straight time.4
uncl5419:5Overtime labour rateLabour rate for overtime.5
uncl5419:6Premium labour rateLabour rate for premium time.6
uncl5419:7Calculation rateTo identify a rate which is to be applied in a calculation.7
uncl5419:8CoefficientThe coefficient which is to be used as a multiplier.8
uncl5419:9Indemnity rateTo specify the rate of an indemnity.9
uncl5419:10Guarantee reserved calculation rateTo specify the rate that has been used to calculate the monetary amount reserved as a guarantee.10
uncl5419:11Waiting time indemnity rateTo specify the rate of an indemnity for waiting.11
uncl5419:ZZZMutually definedThe rate type is mutually agreed by the interchanging parties.ZZZ