Status description code list

Code specifying a status.

See also the corresponding class


uncl4405:1To be doneRemark that the requested service in the order remains outstanding.1
uncl4405:2DoneThe instruction has been completed.2
uncl4405:3Passed onThe information has been passed on.3
uncl4405:4FinalThe amount has the status of finality.4
uncl4405:5Subject to final paymentThe amount is subject to finality.5
uncl4405:6MinimumThe amount quoted is a minimum tariff.6
uncl4405:7FixedThe amount quoted is a fixed tariff.7
uncl4405:8MaximumThe amount quoted is a maximum tariff.8
uncl4405:9InformationThe amount is quoted for information only, it is not part of the charges to be deducted or added.9
uncl4405:100 day availableThe amount is available today.10
uncl4405:111 day availableThe amount is available on the next banking office day after the booking date.11
uncl4405:122 days availableThe amount is available on the second banking office day after the booking date.12
uncl4405:133 days availableThe amount available on the third banking office day after the booking date.13
uncl4405:14Uncollected fundsFunds not collected by beneficiary.14
uncl4405:15NilThe amount or quantity is zero.15
uncl4405:16None advisedNo status or condition has been advised.16
uncl4405:17RequestedA status or condition has been requested.17
uncl4405:18Free of chargeNo charge is to be made.18
uncl4405:19RoundedThe quantity has been the subject of a rounding operation.19
uncl4405:20PermanentIntended to last or function indefinitely.20
uncl4405:21TemporaryLasting or intended to last or function for a limited time.21
uncl4405:22Subject to agreed conditionSubject to agreed condition.22
uncl4405:23AddedIn addition to.23
uncl4405:24DeductedA deduction from.24
uncl4405:25IncludedIs included in.25
uncl4405:26Subject to clearingClearing operations are to be applied.26
uncl4405:27Subject to bilaterally agreed conditionBilaterally agreed conditions are to be applied.27
uncl4405:28Transaction expected to be executedThe transaction is expected to be executed.28
uncl4405:29DebitThe object has a status of debit.29
uncl4405:30CreditThe object has a status of credit.30
uncl4405:31Positive debitThe object has a status of positive debit.31
uncl4405:32Negative debitThe object has a status of negative debit.32
uncl4405:33Positive creditThe object has a status of positive credit.33
uncl4405:34Negative creditThe object has a status of negative credit.34
uncl4405:35StartedTo specify an event has started.35
uncl4405:36RevisedTo indicate a revision has been made.36
uncl4405:37StolenA consignment or goods have been stolen.37
uncl4405:38AssignedA value has been assigned to an item.38
uncl4405:39ApprovedApproval has been given.39
uncl4405:40WithdrawnItem is withdrawn.40
uncl4405:41RejectedItem is rejected.41
uncl4405:42Approval pendingApproval is pending.42
uncl4405:43PostponedFurther action is delayed.43
uncl4405:44ReplacedItem has been replaced.44
uncl4405:45No statusThere is no status information to report.45
uncl4405:46Does not existNon existent.46
uncl4405:47Draft versionA preliminary version.47
uncl4405:48Live versionA version with a live status.48
uncl4405:49Expired versionA version which no longer has a live status.49
uncl4405:50Part-timeUsing only part of the available time.50
uncl4405:51Full-timeUsing the whole of the available time.51
uncl4405:52Not a studentNot enrolled in an educational program.52
uncl4405:53To be extractedTo be removed.53
uncl4405:54Impacted toothTooth wedged between another tooth and the jaw.54
uncl4405:56EstimatedThe value is estimated.56
uncl4405:57Undefined incidentAn undefined incident has occurred.57
uncl4405:58Quantity errorThe quantity is an error.58
uncl4405:59Monetary amount errorThe monetary amount is an error.59
uncl4405:60Product not orderedThe product was not ordered.60
uncl4405:61UncertainThe value is uncertain.61
uncl4405:63Not acceptedThe item has not been accepted.63
uncl4405:64Order or request cancelledThe referenced order or request has been cancelled.64
uncl4405:65NegativeNegative status.65
uncl4405:66Unsigned amountThe status of the amount is unsigned.66
uncl4405:67PreliminaryPreparatory to.67
uncl4405:68SplitDivided into parts.68
uncl4405:69RecommendedThe object is favoured in preference to other alternatives.69
uncl4405:70IssuedHas been given out.70
uncl4405:71Available for orderingGoods are available for ordering.71
uncl4405:72Not available for orderingGoods are not available for ordering.72
uncl4405:73ConfirmedOfficially acknowledged.73
uncl4405:74Expiry date exceededThe expiry date has been exceeded.74
uncl4405:75PrescribedAdvised the use of.75
uncl4405:76All published issues since subscription startApplies to all published issues since subscription start.76
uncl4405:77All published issues since issue specified in claimApplies to all published issues since issue specified in claim.77
uncl4405:78All published issues from and including issue specified in claimApplies to all published issues from and including issue specified in claim.78
uncl4405:79Specified published issue onlyApplies to specified published issue only.79
uncl4405:80Publication issue cancelledPublication issue has been cancelled.80
uncl4405:81DefinitiveThe status is definitive.81
uncl4405:82SupplementaryAn addition to something.82
uncl4405:83Under legal appealAn application to a court for a reconsideration of the decision.83
uncl4405:84Legally assignedTransferred legally to another party.84
uncl4405:85UpdatedBrought up to date.85
uncl4405:86RatifiedMade valid or binding by some formal or legal act.86
uncl4405:87Under considerationBeing considered.87
uncl4405:88CountersuedA response to institute legal proceedings in which an entity has filed a law suit.88
uncl4405:89Legal item dismissedRefused further hearing to a legal matter.89
uncl4405:90DisputedQuestioned validity.90
uncl4405:91EnforcedCompelled observance.91
uncl4405:92Legal documentation filedSubmitted a petition, document or application to the appropriate authority.92
uncl4405:93Judgement for defendantA judgement for the defendant was rendered.93
uncl4405:94Judgement for plaintiffA judgement for the plaintiff was rendered.94
uncl4405:96Legal documentation not filedNo petition, document or application was submitted to the appropriate authority.96
uncl4405:97PendingAwaiting decision or settlement.97
uncl4405:98Debt releasedReleased a debt.98
uncl4405:99Law suit filedA law suit was filed.99
uncl4405:100SatisfiedAdequately met, fulfilled or complied with all conditions.100
uncl4405:101Set asideSet aside by using one's authority.101
uncl4405:102SettledConcluded by mutual agreement.102
uncl4405:103Settled out of courtThe matter has been settled out of court.103
uncl4405:104StayedA stopping of the proceedings.104
uncl4405:105TerminatedBrought to an end.105
uncl4405:106ArrangedPlanned or provided for.106
uncl4405:107Not arrangedNot planned or provided for.107
uncl4405:108Instructed to startReceived instruction to start.108
uncl4405:109Instructed to stopReceived instruction to stop.109
uncl4405:110Stock quantity correctedA difference in quantity between stocks has been corrected.110
uncl4405:111InactiveNot in operation.111
uncl4405:112ActiveIn operation.112
uncl4405:113Incomplete dataThe data is incomplete.113
uncl4405:114Booked when overbookedThe booking has been made although there is no more availability.114
uncl4405:115ProvisionalThe object is in a provisional status.115
uncl4405:116TicketedThe ticket has been issued.116
uncl4405:117WashedThe object is washed.117
uncl4405:118UnwashedThe object is not washed.118
uncl4405:119Out of dateThe information is out of date.119
uncl4405:120AlternativeThe information is an alternative to the request.120
uncl4405:122PartialNot complete.122
uncl4405:123ContractedGoverned by a contract.123
uncl4405:124Technically limitedGoverned by technical limitations.124
uncl4405:125AdjustedThe information is adjusted.125
uncl4405:126Expected deliveryThe consignment which is/was expected.126
uncl4405:127MeasuredThe referenced item has been measured.127
uncl4405:128Ready for loadingThe referenced item is ready for loading.128
uncl4405:129Not heat treatedThe object is not heat treated.129
uncl4405:130Heat treatedThe object is heat treated.130
uncl4405:131Fully cookedThe object is fully cooked.131
uncl4405:132Not fully cookedThe object is not fully cooked.132
uncl4405:133Hothouse grownThe object is hothouse grown.133
uncl4405:134Knocked downThe object is disassembled.134
uncl4405:135SolidThe object is a solid.135
uncl4405:136LiquidThe object is a liquid.136
uncl4405:137GasThe object is in a gaseous form.137
uncl4405:138SludgeThe object is a semi-solid material.138
uncl4405:139Normal security measures requiredMinimum appropriate protective security measures shall be maintained at all times on the means of transport.139
uncl4405:140Heightened security measures requiredAppropriate additional protective security measures shall be maintained for a period of time as a result of heightened risk of a security incident.140
uncl4405:141Exceptional security measures requiredSpecific protective security measures shall be maintained for a limited period of time when a security incident is probable or imminent, although it may not be possible to identify the specific target.141
uncl4405:142Ship security procedures not maintained during ship-to-ship activityShip security procedures, specified in the approved ship security plan, have not been maintained during each of the ship-to-ship activities specified.142
uncl4405:143Ship security procedure maintained during ship-to-ship activityA confirmation that ship security procedures in terms of the approved in the Ship Security Plan were maintained during ship-to-ship activity.143
uncl4405:144Special or additional security measures takenThe ship has taken special or additional security measures, beyond those specified in the approved ship security plan.144
uncl4405:145Security related matter to reportA status indicating that there is a security related matter to report for the specified leg in the itinerary.145
uncl4405:146TranshippedThe goods/consignment/transport equipment has been transhipped from one means of transport to another.146
uncl4405:147DefectiveThe object does not meet requirements due to defects.147
uncl4405:148RecycledThe object is recycled.148
uncl4405:149ReusedThe object is reused.149
uncl4405:150RegisteredThe object is registered.150
uncl4405:151ReturnedThe object is returned.151