Instruction type code qualifier list

Code qualifying the type of instruction.

See also the corresponding class


uncl4403:1Action requiredInstruction requires action.1
uncl4403:2Party instructionsThe instructions are to be executed by means of a party.2
uncl4403:3Maximum value exceeded instructionsInstruction how to act if maximum value will be or has been exceeded.3
uncl4403:4Confirmation instructionsDocumentary credit confirmation instructions.4
uncl4403:5Method of issuanceDocumentary credit confirmation of issuance.5
uncl4403:6Pre-advice instructionsDocumentary credit pre-advice instructions.6
uncl4403:7Documents delivery instructionDelivery instructions for documents required under a documentary credit.7
uncl4403:8Additional terms and/or conditions documentary creditAdditional terms and/or conditions to the documentary credit.8
uncl4403:9Investment instructionInstruction refers to an investment.9
uncl4403:10Reimbursement instructionsInstructions as to how the reimbursement is to be effected.10
uncl4403:11Instructions to the paying and/or accepting and/or negotiating bankInstructions to the paying and/or accepting and/or negotiating bank.11
uncl4403:12Instructions and/or information to the applicantInstructions and/or information to the applicant.12
uncl4403:13Case of need party power instructionsCase of need party power instructions.13
uncl4403:14Instructions for payment in local currencyPayment of the documentary credit in local currency instructions.14
uncl4403:15Instructions for return of acceptance draftReturn of acceptance draft instructions.15
uncl4403:16Method for advice of non-paymentAdvice of non-payment method.16
uncl4403:17Documentary credit advice of non-acceptance methodAdvice of non-acceptance method of the documentary credit.17
uncl4403:18Documentary credit advice of payment methodAdvice of payment method of the documentary credit.18
uncl4403:19Documentary credit advice of acceptance methodAdvice of acceptance method of the documentary credit.19
uncl4403:20Instructions for the first transmission of documentsInstructions for the first transmission of documents.20
uncl4403:21Instructions for the second transmission of documentsInstructions for the second transmission of documents.21
uncl4403:22Instructions for terms of delivery of documentsInstructions for terms of delivery of documents.22
uncl4403:23Instructions and/or information to the beneficiaryInstructions and/or information to the beneficiary.23
uncl4403:24Protest instructionsInstructions as to whether a protest is to be made.24
uncl4403:25Warehouse and/or insurance instructionsInstructions about warehousing and/or insurance.25
uncl4403:26Charges waiver instructionsInstructions as to whether charges may be waived.26
uncl4403:27Interest waiver instructionsInstructions as to whether interest may be waived.27
uncl4403:28Deferral of payment and/or acceptance instructionsInstructions as to whether payment and/or acceptance may be deferred.28
uncl4403:29Patient preparationInstruction concerning the preparation of a patient.29
uncl4403:30Dosage of medicineInstruction concerning the dosage of medicine.30
uncl4403:31Instruction about patientInstruction concerning a patient.31
uncl4403:32Meter reading instructionInstruction concerning the reading of a meter.32
uncl4403:33Meter change instructionInstruction concerning the change of a meter.33
uncl4403:34Return instructionAn instruction concerning the return of items.34