Change reason description code list

Code specifying the reason for a change.

See also the corresponding class


uncl4295:AAMember attribute changeAn attribute of a member of a group has changed.AA
uncl4295:ABAbroadIn an other country.AB
uncl4295:ACMember category changeThe member or benefits category has changed.AC
uncl4295:AEDisabilitySubject is disabled.AE
uncl4295:AFEarly retirementRetirement before the normal retirement age.AF
uncl4295:AGHardshipSubject is incurring hardship.AG
uncl4295:AHIll healthSubject has ill health.AH
uncl4295:AILeaving employerSubject is leaving employer.AI
uncl4295:AJLeaving industryPerson is leaving, or has left, an identified industry.AJ
uncl4295:AKLevel/rate table changeThe insurance level/rate table has changed.AK
uncl4295:ALNormal retirementSubject has retired at the normal retirement age.AL
uncl4295:AMOtherReason differs from any of the other coded values.AM
uncl4295:ANRetrenchmentSubject has been retrenched from work.AN
uncl4295:AOResignationSubject has resigned from work.AO
uncl4295:APMember status changeThe member status has changed.AP
uncl4295:AQAlternate quantity and unit of measurementChange is due to an alternate quantity and unit of measurement.AQ
uncl4295:ARArticle out of assortment for particular companyItem normally part of a suppliers standard assortment but is unavailable for a specific buyer due to legal or commercial reasons.AR
uncl4295:ASArticle out of assortmentArticle normally part of a standard assortment is unavailable.AS
uncl4295:ATItem not orderedCode indicating the item or product was not ordered.AT
uncl4295:AUNo delivery due to outstanding paymentsDelivery of an item was stopped due to outstanding deliveries which have not yet been paid.AU
uncl4295:AVOut of inventoryItem is out of inventory.AV
uncl4295:AWQuantity adjustmentCode indicating that the reason for the quantity variance is because of adjustments.AW
uncl4295:AXNational pricing authority agreement is finalCode to indicate that the national pricing authority agreement for a price is final.AX
uncl4295:AYSale location differentSold in a different sales location.AY
uncl4295:AZBest before date out of sequenceGoods have a best before date that is earlier than that of goods previously received.AZ
uncl4295:BADamaged goodsA change resulting from damaged goods.BA
uncl4295:BBTransport means technical failureTransport means had a technical failure, e.g. transport means could not be unloaded or did not comply with hygienic requirements.BB
uncl4295:BCEquipment technical failureEquipment had a technical failure, e.g. equipment was damaged or wrong.BC
uncl4295:BDBlueprint deviationChange is due to a deviation in the blueprint.BD
uncl4295:BEGoods technical failureGoods had a technical failure, e.g. instability, overhang, transportation lock or damage.BE
uncl4295:BFSpoilage of goodsA change resulting from the spoilage of goods.BF
uncl4295:BGGrade difference out of tolerance levelThe change is due to a variation in the grade of the product outside the tolerance level allowed in an agreement.BG
uncl4295:BHBatch number differenceThe batch number printed on the product received is different to the batch number specified in the despatch advice message.BH
uncl4295:BIExpiry date differenceThe expiry date printed on the product received is different from the expiry date specified in the despatch advice message.BI
uncl4295:BJItem identification code unknownThe identification code of the item is unknown.BJ
uncl4295:BKBarcode not readableBarcode is not readable by a barcode scanning device, e.g. poor print quality.BK
uncl4295:BLItem represents substitution from original orderCode indicating the item or product is a substitute of the item or product originally ordered.BL
uncl4295:BMMinimum/maximum product durability date unacceptableCode indicating that the minimum durability date (e.g. best before date) and/or maximum durability date (e.g. expiry date) of a product are not acceptable.BM
uncl4295:BNTemperature outside agreed rangeThe temperature is or has been outside the agreed range.BN
uncl4295:BODelivered but not advisedShipment or goods have been delivered without any advance notification of delivery.BO
uncl4295:BPShort shippedThe quantity of goods received is smaller than advised.BP
uncl4295:BQBalancing quantityAmount needed to resolve difference between ordered and delivered quantity.BQ
uncl4295:BRItem withdrawnThe item has been withdrawn.BR
uncl4295:BSSSCC differenceThe logistic unit is identified by another Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) than the one announced in the despatch advice.BS
uncl4295:BTSSCC missingThe logistic unit is missing its Serial Shipping Container code (SSCC).BT
uncl4295:BUBest before date(s) differenceThe best before date(s) deviate(s) from those announced in the despatch advice.BU
uncl4295:BVWeight differenceMore or less weight was received than announced in the despatch advice.BV
uncl4295:BWQuantity differenceMore or less units were received than announced in the despatch advice.BW
uncl4295:BXDelivered too lateDelivered but at a later date than the delivery date under the agreed conditions or stipulated in the preceding message.BX
uncl4295:DCDate changeDate has changed.DC
uncl4295:EVEstimated quantityThe estimated quantity has changed.EV
uncl4295:GUGross volume per pack and unit of measureThe gross volume per pack and unit of measure has changed.GU
uncl4295:GWGross weight per packThe gross weight per pack has changed.GW
uncl4295:LDLength differenceThe change is due to a difference in length.LD
uncl4295:MCPack/size measure differenceThe change is due to a difference in pack/size measure.MC
uncl4295:PCPack type differenceThe reason for the variation is due to a difference in the type of pack.PC
uncl4295:PDPack dimension differenceThe change is due to a difference in the dimension.PD
uncl4295:PQPack quantityThe pack quantity has changed.PQ
uncl4295:PSProduct/services ID changeThe product/services identification has changed.PS
uncl4295:PWPack weight differenceThe change is due to a difference in the pack weight.PW
uncl4295:PZPack size differenceThe reason for the variation is due to a difference in the size of pack.PZ
uncl4295:QOQuantity orderedThe quantity ordered has changed.QO
uncl4295:QPQuantity based on price qualifierThe quantity based on price qualifier has changed.QP
uncl4295:QTQuantity price breakThe quantity price break has changed.QT
uncl4295:SCSize differenceThe change is due to a difference in the size.SC
uncl4295:UMUnit of measure differenceThe change is due to a difference in the unit of measure.UM
uncl4295:UPUnit priceThe unit price has changed.UP
uncl4295:WDWidth differenceThe change is due to a difference in width.WD
uncl4295:WOWeight qualifier/gross weight per packageThe weight qualifier/gross weight per package has changed.WO
uncl4295:WPInadvertent errorAn inadvertent error in recording a quantity.WP
uncl4295:WQOver shippedA shipped quantity greater than the ordered or invoiced quantity.WQ
uncl4295:WRTemporarily unavailableProduct is temporarily unavailable.WR
uncl4295:WSGovernment actionDue to government action.WS
uncl4295:WTExcluded from the promotion activityProduct is not included in the promotion activity.WT
uncl4295:WUCommitted purchase quantity exceededThe committed purchase quantity has been exceeded.WU
uncl4295:WVCommitted purchase quantity not orderedThe committed purchase quantity has not been ordered.WV
uncl4295:ZZZMutually definedA code assigned within a code list to be used on an interim basis and as defined among trading partners until a precise code can be assigned to the code list.ZZZ