Priority type code qualifier list

Code qualifying the type of priority.

See also the corresponding class


uncl4035:1Location priorityThe priority relates to the location.1
uncl4035:2Salary priorityThe priority relates to the salary.2
uncl4035:3Occupation priorityThe priority relates to the occupation.3
uncl4035:4Performing priorityAssigned priority in performing a task.4
uncl4035:5Reporting priorityAssigned priority in reporting an event.5
uncl4035:6Delivery priorityThe delivery priority of an object.6
uncl4035:7Requested priorityThe priority that is requested.7
uncl4035:8Allocated priorityThe priority that is allocated.8
uncl4035:9Prescription dispensing priorityAssigned priority in dispensing a prescription.9
uncl4035:10DisconnectabilityPriority for when an installation can be disconnected.10