Business function code list

Code describing the specific business function.

See also the corresponding class


uncl4025:AAAPayment termsThe business function is to specify payment terms.AAA
uncl4025:AABMedical servicesThe reason for the transaction is medical services.AAB
uncl4025:AACMultiple types of serviceThe reason for the transaction is for multiple types of services.AAC
uncl4025:AADNot otherwise specifiedThe reason for the transaction is for types of services not specified elsewhere.AAD
uncl4025:AAEVision careThe reason for the transaction is vision care services.AAE
uncl4025:AAFHome health careThe reason for the transaction is for home health care services.AAF
uncl4025:AAGHospital careThe reason for the transaction is for hospital care services.AAG
uncl4025:AAHIntermediate care facilityThe reason for the transaction is for intermediate care facility services.AAH
uncl4025:AAILong-term care facilityThe reason for the transaction is for long-term care facility services.AAI
uncl4025:AAJConvalescent care facilityThe reason for the transaction is for convalescent care facility services.AAJ
uncl4025:AAKAnesthesia serviceThe reason for the transaction is for health care anesthesia services.AAK
uncl4025:AALDental servicesThe reason for the transaction is for dental services.AAL
uncl4025:AAMDurable medical equipmentThe reason for the transaction is the use of durable medical equipment.AAM
uncl4025:AANBusiness expensesThe reason for the transaction is business expenses.AAN
uncl4025:AAOCompany social loan payment to bankPayment made by a company to a bank for financing social loans to the employees.AAO
uncl4025:AAPAirAir related business.AAP
uncl4025:AAQFerryFerry related business.AAQ
uncl4025:AARRailwayRailway related business.AAR
uncl4025:AASBusBus related business.AAS
uncl4025:ADVAdvance paymentThe reason for payment is advance payment.ADV
uncl4025:AGTAgricultural transferSupport payment to farmer.AGT
uncl4025:AMYAlimonyPayment on alimony.AMY
uncl4025:BECChild benefitPayment made to assist to parent/guardian to maintain child.BEC
uncl4025:BENUnemployment/disability/benefitPayment to person unemployed/disabled.BEN
uncl4025:BONBonusThe reason the transaction is bonus.BON
uncl4025:CASCash management transferReason for the transaction is cash management transfer.CAS
uncl4025:CBFCapital building fringe fortuneCapital building for retirement.CBF
uncl4025:CDTCommodity transferReason for payment is commodity.CDT
uncl4025:COCCommercial credit paymentReason for payment is commercial credit.COC
uncl4025:COMCommission paymentPayment of commission.COM
uncl4025:COSCostsReason for payments is costs.COS
uncl4025:CPYCopyright paymentReason for payment is copyright.CPY
uncl4025:DIVDividend paymentReason for payment is dividend.DIV
uncl4025:FEXForeign exchangeReason for transaction is foreign exchange.FEX
uncl4025:GDSPurchasing and selling of goodsPurchasing and selling of goods.GDS
uncl4025:GVTGovernment paymentPayment to or from a government department.GVT
uncl4025:IHPInstalment/hire-purchase agreementReason for transaction is instalment or hire/purchase agreement.IHP
uncl4025:INSInsurance premiumReason for transaction is insurance premium.INS
uncl4025:INTInterest paymentPayment of interest.INT
uncl4025:LIFLicence fees paymentPayment of licence fees.LIF
uncl4025:LOALoanTransfer of loan to borrower.LOA
uncl4025:LORLoan repaymentRepayment of loan to lender.LOR
uncl4025:NETNettingReason for transaction is netting.NET
uncl4025:PENPension paymentPayment of pension.PEN
uncl4025:REFRefundingPayment of refund.REF
uncl4025:RENRentReason for transaction is rent.REN
uncl4025:ROYRoyalties paymentPayment of royalties.ROY
uncl4025:SALSalary paymentReason for payment is salary.SAL
uncl4025:SCVPurchasing and selling of servicesPurchasing and selling of services.SCV
uncl4025:SECSecuritiesReason for transaction is securities.SEC
uncl4025:SSBSocial security benefitPayment made by government to support individuals.SSB
uncl4025:SUBSubscriptionReason for transaction is subscription.SUB
uncl4025:TAXTax paymentPayment of tax.TAX
uncl4025:VATValue added tax paymentPayment of Value Added Tax (VAT).VAT
uncl4025:ZZZMutually definedA code assigned within a code list to be used on an interim basis and as defined among trading partners until a precise code can be assigned to the code list.ZZZ