Delivery plan commitment level code list

Code specifying the level of commitment to a delivery plan.

See also the corresponding class


uncl4017:1FirmIndicates that the scheduling information is a firm commitment.1
uncl4017:2Commitment for manufacturing and materialAuthorizes the supplier to start the manufacturing of goods.2
uncl4017:3Commitment for materialAuthorizes the manufacturer to order material required for manufacturing specified goods.3
uncl4017:4Planning/forecastAn estimate of future requirements based on trends and actual information.4
uncl4017:5Short delivered on previous deliveryPart of a consignment which was not delivered when the original delivery was made.5
uncl4017:6Capacity availableCapacity is available to meet the requested scheduling demands.6
uncl4017:7PromotionAll related schedule information refer to a promotion.7
uncl4017:8Special demandAll related schedule information refers to a special demand.8
uncl4017:9User definedThe user can interpret the meaning of the values from information exchanged previously.9
uncl4017:10ImmediateIndicates that the scheduling information is for immediate execution.10
uncl4017:11Pilot/Pre-volumeInitial products required in advance of the normal production process.11
uncl4017:12PlanningAn estimate of future requirements.12
uncl4017:13Potential order increaseThe possibility and magnitude of a schedule fluctuation.13
uncl4017:14Average plant usageThe usual amount that a manufacturing facility will use over a specified duration.14
uncl4017:15First time reported firmInitial confirmation of a material requirement.15
uncl4017:16MaximumThe highest attainable amount.16
uncl4017:17Tooling capacityThe maximum amount that the process was designed to accommodate.17
uncl4017:18Normal tooling capacityThe anticipated amount that the process was designed to accommodate over a specific period of time.18
uncl4017:19PrototypeThe preliminary version of a product or service.19
uncl4017:20Strike protectionProduct level that is set aside as protection in the event of a work stoppage.20
uncl4017:21Required tooling capacityThe contracted amount that the process was designed to accommodate over a specific period of time.21
uncl4017:22Deliver to scheduleDeliver to schedule separately supplied.22
uncl4017:23Await manual pullAwait non-EDI instruction before shipping.23
uncl4017:24Reference to commercial agreement between partnersThe buyer's commitment is the one defined in the commercial agreement.24
uncl4017:26ProposedIndicates that the scheduling information is a proposal.26