Name type code list

Code specifying the type of name.

See also the corresponding class


uncl3403:1Maiden nameFamily name of person before marriage.1
uncl3403:2Marital nameMarital name.2
uncl3403:3Used nameName used to identify an entity.3
uncl3403:4Call nameName used to identify a person in a particular context.4
uncl3403:5Official nameThe name as registered by official authorities.5
uncl3403:6Franchise nameName of an entity authorized by a company to sell its goods or services in a particular way.6
uncl3403:7PseudonymA fictitious name adopted.7
uncl3403:8AliasAn assumed name.8
uncl3403:9Company nameThe name of a company.9
uncl3403:10Organisation nameName of an organisation.10
uncl3403:11Party acronymA name formed from the initial letters of other words.11
uncl3403:12Doing business asTo specify the name under which the party is conducting business.12
uncl3403:13Brand nameA name legally registered as a trademark.13
uncl3403:14Primary nameIdentifies the name of first importance.14