Communication means type code list

Code specifying the type of communication address.

See also the corresponding class


uncl3155:AACircuit switchingA process that, on demand, connects two or more data terminal equipments and permits the exclusive use of a data circuit between them until the connection is released (ISO).AA
uncl3155:ABSITACommunications number assigned by Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques (SITA).AB
uncl3155:ACARINCCommunications number assigned by Aeronautical Radio Inc.AC
uncl3155:AEPeripheral devicePeripheral device identification.AE
uncl3155:AFU.S. Defense Switched NetworkThe switched telecommunications network of the United States Department of Defense.AF
uncl3155:AGU.S. federal telecommunications systemThe switched telecommunications network of the United States government.AG
uncl3155:AHWorld Wide WebData exchange via the World Wide Web.AH
uncl3155:AIInternational calling country codeIdentifies that portion of an international telephone number representing the country code to be used when calling internationally.AI
uncl3155:AJAlternate telephoneIdentifies the alternate telephone number.AJ
uncl3155:AKVideotex numberCode that identifies the communications number for the online videotex service.AK
uncl3155:ALCellular phoneIdentifies the cellular phone number.AL
uncl3155:AMInternational telephone direct lineThe international telephone direct line number.AM
uncl3155:ANO.F.T.P. (ODETTE File Transfer Protocol)ODETTE File Transfer Protocol.AN
uncl3155:AOUniform Resource Location (URL)Identification of the Uniform Resource Location (URL) Synonym: World wide web address.AO
uncl3155:APVery High Frequency (VHF) radio telephoneVHF radio telephone.AP
uncl3155:AQX.400 address for mail textThe X.400 address accepting information in the body text of a message.AQ
uncl3155:ARAS1 addressAddress capable of receiving messages in accordance with the EDIINT/AS1 protocol for MIME based EDI .AR
uncl3155:ASAS2 addressAddress capable of receiving messages in accordance with the EDIINT/AS2 protocol.AS
uncl3155:ATAS3 addressAddress capable of receiving messages in accordance with the EDIINT/AS3 protocol.AT
uncl3155:AUFile Transfer ProtocolAddress capable for receiving message in accordance with the File Transfer Protocol (IETF RFC 959 et. al.).AU
uncl3155:AVInmarsat call numberContact number based on Inmarsat.AV
uncl3155:AWRadio communication call signContact number for radio communication based on call sign.AW
uncl3155:CACable addressThe communication number identifies a cable address.CA
uncl3155:EIEDI transmissionNumber identifying the service and service user.EI
uncl3155:EMElectronic mailExchange of mail by electronic means.EM
uncl3155:EXExtensionTelephone extension.EX
uncl3155:FTFile transfer access methodAccording to ISO.FT
uncl3155:FXTelefaxDevice used for transmitting and reproducing fixed graphic material (as printing) by means of signals over telephone lines or other electronic transmission media.FX
uncl3155:GMGEIS (General Electric Information Service) mailboxThe communication number identifies a GEIS mailbox.GM
uncl3155:IEIBM information exchangeThe communication number identifies an IBM IE mailbox.IE
uncl3155:IMInternal mailInternal mail address/number.IM
uncl3155:MAMailPostal service document delivery.MA
uncl3155:PBPostbox numberThe communication number identifies a postbox.PB
uncl3155:PSPacket switchingThe process of routing and transferring data by means of addressed packets so that a channel is occupied only during the transmission; upon completion of the transmission the channel is made available for the transfer of other packets (ISO).PS
uncl3155:SWS.W.I.F.T.Communications address assigned by Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications s.c.SW
uncl3155:TETelephoneVoice/data transmission by telephone.TE
uncl3155:TGTelegraphText transmission via telegraph.TG
uncl3155:TLTelexTransmission of text/data via telex.TL
uncl3155:TMTelemailTransmission of text/data via telemail.TM
uncl3155:TTTeletextTransmission of text/data via teletext.TT
uncl3155:TXTWXCommunication service involving Teletypewriter machines connected by wire or electronic transmission media. Teletypewriter machines are the devices used to send and receive signals and produce hardcopy from them.TX
uncl3155:XFX.400 addressThe X.400 address.XF
uncl3155:XGPagerIdentifies that the communication number is for a pager.XG
uncl3155:XHInternational telephone switchboardThe international telephone switchboard number.XH
uncl3155:XINational telephone direct lineThe national telephone direct line number.XI
uncl3155:XJNational telephone switchboardThe national telephone switchboard number.XJ