Computer environment details code qualifier list

Code qualifying computer environment details.

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uncl1501:1Hardware platformCode to identify the type of hardware installed in a computer environment e.g. PC, Mac, UNIX-Workstation, Mini, Mainframe.1
uncl1501:2Operating systemCode to identify the operating system, like DOS, VMS, etc. used in a computer environment.2
uncl1501:3Application softwareCode to identify an application software, like AutoCad, WinWord, etc. used in a computer environment.3
uncl1501:4NetworkCode to identify a network like Ethernet, Token Ring, etc. implemented in a computer environment.4
uncl1501:5Sending systemCode to identify the system, which acts as a sending system in an interchange.5
uncl1501:6File generating softwareSoftware used to generate a file.6
uncl1501:7File compression softwareSoftware used for the compression of a file.7
uncl1501:8File compression methodMethod used for the compression of a file.8