Message function code list

Code indicating the function of the message.

See also the corresponding class


uncl1225:1CancellationMessage cancelling a previous transmission for a given transaction.1
uncl1225:2AdditionMessage containing items to be added.2
uncl1225:3DeletionMessage containing items to be deleted.3
uncl1225:4ChangeMessage containing items to be changed.4
uncl1225:5ReplaceMessage replacing a previous message.5
uncl1225:6ConfirmationMessage confirming the details of a previous transmission where such confirmation is required or recommended under the terms of a trading partner agreement.6
uncl1225:7DuplicateThe message is a duplicate of a previously generated message.7
uncl1225:8StatusCode indicating that the referenced message is a status.8
uncl1225:9OriginalInitial transmission related to a given transaction.9
uncl1225:10Not foundMessage whose reference number is not filed.10
uncl1225:11ResponseMessage responding to a previous message or document.11
uncl1225:12Not processedMessage indicating that the referenced message was received but not yet processed.12
uncl1225:13RequestCode indicating that the referenced message is a request.13
uncl1225:14Advance notificationCode indicating that the information contained in the message is an advance notification of information to follow.14
uncl1225:15ReminderRepeated message transmission for reminding purposes.15
uncl1225:16ProposalMessage content is a proposal.16
uncl1225:17Cancel, to be reissuedReferenced transaction cancelled, reissued message will follow.17
uncl1225:18ReissueNew issue of a previous message (maybe cancelled).18
uncl1225:19Seller initiated changeChange information submitted by buyer but initiated by seller.19
uncl1225:20Replace heading section onlyMessage to replace the heading of a previous message.20
uncl1225:21Replace item detail and summary onlyMessage to replace item detail and summary of a previous message.21
uncl1225:22Final transmissionFinal message in a related series of messages together making up a commercial, administrative or transport transaction.22
uncl1225:23Transaction on holdMessage not to be processed until further release information.23
uncl1225:24Delivery instructionDelivery schedule message only used to transmit short- term delivery instructions.24
uncl1225:25ForecastDelivery schedule message only used to transmit long- term schedule information.25
uncl1225:26Delivery instruction and forecastCombination of codes '24' and '25'.26
uncl1225:27Not acceptedMessage to inform that the referenced message is not accepted by the recipient.27
uncl1225:28Accepted, with amendment in heading sectionMessage accepted but amended in heading section.28
uncl1225:29Accepted without amendmentReferenced message is entirely accepted.29
uncl1225:30Accepted, with amendment in detail sectionReferenced message is accepted but amended in detail section.30
uncl1225:31CopyIndicates that the message is a copy of an original message that has been sent, e.g. for action or information.31
uncl1225:32ApprovalA message releasing an existing referenced message for action to the receiver.32
uncl1225:33Change in heading sectionMessage changing the referenced message heading section.33
uncl1225:34Accepted with amendmentThe referenced message is accepted but amended.34
uncl1225:35RetransmissionChange-free transmission of a message previously sent.35
uncl1225:36Change in detail sectionMessage changing referenced detail section.36
uncl1225:37Reversal of a debitReversal of a previously posted debit.37
uncl1225:38Reversal of a creditReversal of a previously posted credit.38
uncl1225:39Reversal for cancellationCode indicating that the referenced message is reversing a cancellation of a previous transmission for a given transaction.39
uncl1225:40Request for deletionThe message is given to inform the recipient to delete the referenced transaction.40
uncl1225:41Finishing/closing orderLast of series of call-offs.41
uncl1225:42Confirmation via specific meansMessage confirming a transaction previously agreed via other means (e.g. phone).42
uncl1225:43Additional transmissionMessage already transmitted via another communication channel. This transmission is to provide electronically processable data only.43
uncl1225:44Accepted without reservesMessage accepted without reserves.44
uncl1225:45Accepted with reservesMessage accepted with reserves.45
uncl1225:46ProvisionalMessage content is provisional.46
uncl1225:47DefinitiveMessage content is definitive.47
uncl1225:48Accepted, contents rejectedMessage to inform that the previous message is received, but it cannot be processed due to regulations, laws, etc.48
uncl1225:49Settled disputeThe reported dispute is settled.49
uncl1225:50WithdrawMessage withdrawing a previously approved message.50
uncl1225:51AuthorisationMessage authorising a message or transaction(s).51
uncl1225:52Proposed amendmentA code used to indicate an amendment suggested by the sender.52
uncl1225:53TestCode indicating the message is to be considered as a test.53
uncl1225:54ExtractA subset of the original.54
uncl1225:55Notification onlyThe receiver may use the notification information for analysis only.55
uncl1225:56Advice of ledger booked itemsAn advice that items have been booked in the ledger.56
uncl1225:57Advice of items pending to be booked in the ledgerAn advice that items are pending to be booked in the ledger.57
uncl1225:58Pre-advice of items requiring further informationA pre-advice that items require further information.58
uncl1225:59Pre-adviced itemsA pre-advice of items.59
uncl1225:60No action since last messageCode indicating the fact that no action has taken place since the last message.60
uncl1225:61Complete scheduleThe message function is a complete schedule.61
uncl1225:62Update scheduleThe message function is an update to a schedule.62
uncl1225:63Not accepted, provisionalNot accepted, subject to confirmation.63
uncl1225:64VerificationThe message is transmitted to verify information.64
uncl1225:65Unsettled disputeTo report an unsettled dispute.65
uncl1225:66Discharge of operation guaranteeA message related to a guarantee containing information about the discharge of an operation.66
uncl1225:67Termination of operation guaranteeA message related to a guarantee containing information about the termination of an operation.67
uncl1225:68Start of operation guaranteeA message related to a guarantee containing information about the start of an operation.68
uncl1225:69Advanced cargo informationA message related to a guarantee containing advanced cargo information.69